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Chronic pain syndrome

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I have been diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome but after reading up about chronis (spelt wrong) I have suffered with abdominal pain since I was 16 I have never been tested for it. I end up in hospital alot with the pain. I am on tramadol and oramorph but this still don't help the pain sometimes. Had anyone else experienced anything like this? I am at my wits end with it all now I have had every test going but no-one can find anything.

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Hello, I have chronic pain of a nuero-musuclar PTSD type, but can sympathize with you. Can you explain a bit more about the cause of your it IBS, or has that been ruled out? Could you clarify what you meant you had never been tested for something you had since you were 16 (chronis?).....but then later write you have been tested for everything.....Certain someone in this venue has something to share with you if your post is a little clearer.

I have IBS for 5 years now. I have tried everything from A to Z; sometimes they work for awhile and sometimes. They stop working. A very good website for IBS is "Help for IBS" it was set by Heather Van Doross. She has had IBS for over 20 years. She has a wealth of useful information. Including, the latest breakthroughs on IBS.

The best to you!

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