Any advice please

Hi I have got ibs and have done for a few year's now how do you know what type c or d ? I also have arthritis in my lower back and neck also fibromyalgia so in quite lot of pain constant, I find dairy and spicy food's is my main trigger, I'm last 6 month's I went from size 12 to size 16/18 I've never been this size in my life not even when pregnant, this week I've started on weight watchers food to see how I go and so far so good any other advice would be appreciated I'm on Colfac meberveine peppermint tablets and some day's I'm still doubled over with stomach cramps thanks for any info

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  • IBS -C is the constipation variety, IBS-D is diarrhoea as the main problem and IBS-A is alternating between the two.

    Can't really offer any help until you let us know what type you are.

  • I'm in between them both then thanks

  • The low-FODMAP diet seems to help a lot of people sort out any food intolerances they may have and is, therefore, well worth thinking about.

    It's best done with the help of a dietitian so have a talk about it with your GP who should arrange this for you.

  • Okay will check with doctor thanks

  • Depends on your medication as if you have fibro and on strong meds then you can get constipation with that

  • I haven't been put on meds for fibromyalgia yet waiting on phone appointment with chronic pain clinic

  • Hi, sorry to hear you are in so much pain and discomfort. I totally sympathise. IBS C is when you are very badly constipated and have abdominal pain. IBS D is when you suffer from diarrhoea. I have myself tried the cologne and never wind tablets, but didn't think they did much to help. I was recommended magnesium citrate, start by taking a high dose 400-600mcg on empty stomach and then gradually drop the dose. I only started this a couple of days ago so fingers crossed 🤞

  • Yeah nothing worse than constant pain do you just get magnesium citrate from chemist , does this help bloating

  • I think it has helped the bloating, don't know if too early to tell. You can buy it in health food shops (holland and Barrett) or amazon

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