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Prune juice

Does anyone know if prune juice is safe to drink everyday? Like just one small glass? I'm getting contradicting info. Some people saying your bowels will become dependant on it? Others saying it is no problem at all. It's the only thing that seems to help me have complete bowel movements without causing diarrhoea & helps with bloating too! Don't want to damage my bowels though by drinking it every day! X

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I sincerely doubt if it will cause 'dependancy'.... Maybe do some Googling about it...I think its wonderful that it helps you!


prunes and p. juice is good for you apart from the laxative effect. I love it and drink a BIG glass every day.


Everyone acts differently to medicine and food so take it in moderation. You know that a glass of juice will work so try next time half of glass.

I personally can only drink 1/3 of a small glass as I don't like the taste. Also a box of juice when opens only last three days. Therefore I drink for three days and leave it for a couple of days. That way not totally independent on it but at least I have some results and hope that my body clock might work.

I believe that other people on this forum are dependant on numerous types of medication for their problems. Drinking prune juice shouldn't be anything different from having an apple a day. Think of it has having it as one of your 5 a day.


I was referred to a registered dietitian to be put on the low fodmap diet for my IBS. Prunes fresh, dried and juice (any fruit with a stone are foods to avoid are high in fructans). If you suffer with IBS your gut cannot absorb these properly and It ferments causing gas, wind and bloating.


Thank you all!


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