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What does everyone recommend on ibs flare to eat?

Iv written on here a few days ago. I was in incredible pain. It's been constant for 2 weeks with 2 visits to doctors and an ambulance come out to me.

My main concern is I'm a single mother to a 3 year old I cannot eat for the life of me. The ambulance recommends banana. I can keep that down or in lol, but was wondering what other people find OK.

I do not believe my ibs is down to food as I have gone plant based. Then introduced dairy was fine. Then introduced meat again and I was fine. My doctor thinks it's down to stress. Yet the only thing I can think of being stressed is getting my boy to nursery when I suffer with aggrophobia. Any tips on how to deal with anxiety?

Thankyou for reading. Hope everyone else is feeling fit :)

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Have you looked into the FODMAPS diet? A lot of fruit and veggies can be major triggers for people with IBS. Several foods across all of the FODMAPS categories bug me, others foods on the list I can eat with no issue.

That being said, stress can be a cause, or major player in IBS as well. I try and fit in enough sleep, exercise and activities that relax me to reduce stress.


Hi there your IBS sounds stress/anxiety related which can then set off IBS when your having a flare up most foods are problematic. Stick to foods your gut can digest easier such as bananas, rice and toast. I also have anxiety and can recommend counselling and cbt to break the cycle. Also self help books and meditation. Xx


Hi there, I will agree with runswithdogs :-)

Nightshades absolutely destroy me, one spoon of baba ganoush and that's it for the day. I will need to spend the day indoors.

Funnily enough, bread only hurts me when I am stressed. Have you tried hot yoga?

I hope you feel better soon.


Hi there Sammy, I would seriously look online for programmes where you can treat your anxiety i.e. your agoraphobia. I have a book from the Thrive Programme for Emetophobia and here is the link, it's worth looking as by the looks of it tacking this is the key to feeling better.


Very best of luck.


I was going to suggest bananas but looks like the ambulance people beat me to it.

Always worked for me if I had a flare up. I eat at least one every day now.


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