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Help for a newbie please

Hi this is my first post I hope someone can help

The past 6 weeks I've had problems with my bowel. I used to be regular once a day or so but now i suffer weeks of constipation, it seems to be food triggered like processed food so I'm steering clear of that but I'm still suffering. I've just gone 3 weeks with constipation and not passing stools for 4/5 days at a time and when I did it was hard pellets that were sometimes pale. Now I'm going what seems to be normal poo but about 4 times a day! I've also got a lump in my stomach low on right hand side which sticks out when I lay down or go in the bath and that's been there for around 6 weeks now.

I've suffered with endometriosis for years and had multiple operations and hysterectomy 2 years ago and ovaries out last year.

Do you think this problem sounds like ibs? Is it normal to have a lump? Could it be a blockage? Or do you think it could be scar tissue? I don't think it's endo related but then not 100% sure? I've got a Drs appt next week, can you guys offer me any advice in the meantime or what to ask the dr when I'm there?

I've tried fibregel the past few weeks but not really noticed a difference

Thanks in advance ☺️

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Hi, first of all definitely get that lump checked out. It could be harmless but better to be safe than sorry.

Second of all is there anything different that you've eaten in the past 6 weeks? And how is your diet in general? Have you tried keeping a food to show the specific food that's triggering it? If I'm having problems with constipation I drink black coffee and lots of fibre and that does the trick. However if you are going normally now it may just be because you have a good diet (sometimes I can go 2/3 times a day and have normal movements). If I'm struggling with diarrhoea I tend to take Imodium capsules but still eat loads of fibre along with bananas for potassium.

This probably doesn't help but I thought I'd give my advice anyway ☺️


Hi thank you so much for taking the time to reply it's really appreciated.

No I've been eating the same food since January really as I started weight watchers, I'm maintaining now but still eating the same food just more of it I've been maintaining since April- may time so no changes really in the last 6 weeks. I eat healthy natural foods, it's the processed stuff that seems to give me the tummy aches. We had pizza at work one Friday and I was constipated for 3 weeks after that, then I go loads for a few days then I get constipated again. I've tried everything when I'm constipated but nothing seems to help.

I don't know if it is ibs I'm just guessing really? I'm seeing the dr Monday and I was going to ask for a scan so we can see what this lump is? I'm imagining it's poo that's stuck but I don't know??

I just wondered if anyone else had anything similar?


Hmm that's really strange normally it's different/ spicy food that triggers mines. I'd avoid pizza- it makes me ill.😭 I wouldn't recommend doing anything differently until you go and speak to the doctor though. Tell them everything and get them to check that lump. I went through a bizarre faze a few months back where I couldn't go regularly for weeks and I'm still not sure what caused it. Exercise helps me and I'm making sure I'm eating lots of fiber. If I get any pain after I've eaten anything I drink peppermint tea as that calms my tummy. I also take artichoke supplements that help de-bloat me. However black coffee is the only thing that works for my constipation. Definitely speak to the doctor before trying anything new though as it could all be connected to your lump.


Thank you ;)


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