First try with ACV

Hi I have taken acv for six weeks 3 times a day befor meals started with 1 tsp in glass weak squash and then after 3 weeks increased it to two teaspoon midday and evening. I found it suited me completely stop ins almost after 2 days and I've lost 12 lbs .... but stopped eating nearly all carbs and bad fats and not too sure if that made real difference. Now thought I should have a break after first bottle and tummy does not like it almost immediately ins returning! But I am very stressed at this time? But decided to get on to next bottle tomorrow ! Sorry for the book but just thought it may help others .

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  • What is acv

  • I've just looked it up, it's Apple Cider Vinegar :)

  • Apple cider vinegar did nothing except increase my heartburn!!

  • I thought it was an abbreviation for a medicine.

  • I know, I had to look it up as I couldn't remember.

  • I use Silicolgel. Is this similar?

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