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Any experience with wormwood and black walnut?

In constant abdominal pain/discomfort, tingling burning sensation along waist line on all on right side and a weird pressure type pain at the top of the hip bone at the front. Only other symptom I have is constipation which I'm treating with ducolax which works great.

I don't really fit the category for gallstones I'm 26 male, slim build. Diets not the worst but could use improvement.

I'm convinced this Isn't IBS and looking at all possibilities. So far I'm waiting on an ultrasound and results from the GUM clinic but in the meantime I thought I'd try a Parasite cleanse using wormwood and black walnut mixture as I've noticed what looks like possible worms in my stools when I use laxities.

Anyone any experience of wormwood and black wallnut, if so how long does that stuff take to work?

Mines coming tomorrow from amazon and I'm really looking forward to trying it. 😁

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Sorry but I've never tried it or even heard of it but I really hope it works for you.


Have you had any progress?


Not yet, the tablets arrived but I'm trying omprazole from my GP first to see if it's relating to a stomach ulcer. Once I've finished treatment with that I'll definitely try the wormwood :)

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