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Joined when I discovered this site whilst unable to sleep with pain and discomfort which sounds so similar to all the posts I've read. Feel as though I'm going round in circles with gp visits and a gastroenterologist who has given up. I find delaying eating for as long as possible and exercise helps, but evenings, after main meal are the worst. So off to read another chapter of my book before trying to go to bed again. Glad to have found out I'm not alone!

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  • No you are not alone, there are hundreds of us! All ages, shapes and sizes, and different symptoms. Yes nightimes are bad as it can keep you awake and then you dont get enough sleep. I live in Spain where the main meal can be very late in the evening, so that does not help!

  • Oddly enough my I've dates back to just before my first visit to Spain, Andalusia, which was wonderful, once I conquered my desire to turn and run from the plane, I have flying. Since then it has been diagnosed, but sometimes I do wonder about the diagnosis as there is a range of pain levels and types, not always with a pattern. However the vicious circle seems to be stress related. Pain equals stress, equals more pain! I try to swim as often as possible, on holiday in Spain, twice a day, such a beautiful country, climate and the friendliest of people.

  • Predictive text a pain. Should read 'my IBS dates back'

  • Hi there,

    I've been thinking to move my main meal to lunch time ( take to work and microwave it) and just have a light evening meal/snack but worried it will set me off at work!!

    And yes there's a lot of us here all with our different symptoms but a great place to " meet" likewise sufferers and maybe learn something along the way too.


  • Exercise helps me a lot and I would suggest anybody to incorporate it as a routine for life. I usually did not have pain at night when sleeping, but I certainly did for a while during a stress-related period. Got rid of it with a gluten-free diet. This has helped me but has not sorted out the problem completely, just alleviate symptoms. Loperamid also helps me. For a long time I used tranquillizers prescribed by the doctor but I managed to givem them up after going gluten free.

  • I too have used tranquillisers, when the pain is bad, lack of sleep is a big problem at these times. What is Loperamide?

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