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New here but not new to ibs

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Hi, I have had ibs for 27 years for the past 10 it's been very manageable .. I don't eat much wheat... Bread is ok wheat cereals are deffinately out. Why am I here. Over the past six weeks I have so much stress . A health scare which turned out ok :) but the six weeks of unrelenting stress has put me back to square one with alternating constipation diahorrea stomach cramps bloating wind etc etc you all know it. Have been off meds for 10 years and thought it would settle down but no so am off to gp on Monday. Basically I joined here in the hope that I could pick up some useful tips and hopefully some advice on medication I am guessing over the 27 years meds have hopefully changed and improved. I am determined to get back on track I have fibromyalgia which is a pain in the neck.... Literally .. I did join that support group for a couple of weeks but it was so depressing I left.... I know ongoing illnesses can get you down but listening to people just moan about pain constantly when you are constantly in pain yourself doesn't help so I try to stay positive I also have arthritis but I am only 47 and am not ready to sit around all day.... Though at the moment it's a bit hard to get out with the sudden squirts :) so after that waffle anyone got any meds or advice that work for you.. Thanks for reading

Grumpy xx

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Hi Grumpy,

Sorry to hear you've had a relapse..I know the feeling well. In a similar situstion to you really. Longstanding IBS with flareups. Went back to my GP recently to see if anything new on the market. Have tried mebeveraine, colofac, buscopan etc over the years. All seemed good at first but didn't last sadly. Anyway, she has recommended I try Symprove. Not available on prescription and quite expensive ( over 20 quid a week!) it's a probiotic thingy which is supposed to be showing some really good results. Am giving it a try anyway. Will keep you posted!

Good luck and hope normal service is resumed ASAP!

Jo x

Hi thank you so much lol last time I took meds it was buscopan on prescription ... How things have moved on .. Not heard of any of the others ... So will be mentioning these to gp. Thanks for the info.... Sounds awful but I actually forgotten how damn painful and inconvenient ibs is... Have just gone from chronic diahorrea to now being totally constipated sorry TMI.

So I,ll go and moan at my gp and give you some peace


Definitely after similar no of years, I find an appropriate lifestyle, diet, exercise bespoke to me is the best route to IBS minimizing. Wish quick fix of meds worked, but no joy. Wish you well! X

Hi I too have tried the Plantarum probiotic. It helped a little. BuscopN and mebeverine help for cramps but don't help diarrhoea or constipation which I have. I have been prescribed Resolor (Prucalopride). It is a new drug for constipation and it is amazing. It is expensive if get it privately though about £80 a month. See if your doctor will prescribe it on Nhs. Another thing that helps for constipation is taking about 600 to 1000 mg Magnesium citrate on an empty stomach in the morning a out 45 minutes before breakfast. This works naturally to draw water into the large intestine.

hey Grumpy me again lol

well... i came on laptop and it seems to have been all changed .sooo i thought hmm look up some other things & i found this i also put in the other condition i have but never came up so thought hmmm email it off to them ..

Same as you at moment but i have to joke about everything as much as things get you grumpled i do talk in happy way most of time ..i am 43 and had IBS 24yrs ! 1st experience i was reading a Beano Magazine next thing bumf got blue lights and being rushed into hospital i dont particularly remember a thing (must of blacked out or worned out) woke up black mascara down my face half dressed, no shoes and had to walk home with (then my ex partner) they put down to IBS blimey i could not breath!! ohh and my tights were all torn too lol..

had another severe episode again said IBS so since then i just managed and Weatabixxxx and the rest for me makes matters worse .

I notice after all these years that having a cup of tea soon as drank thats it loo in agony (every single day since) but i am used to it after alll these years.

xxxxxxxxxxx back over to other one now and fb lol

Flat coca-cola is very good for stomache try it!! x

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