Unwanted weight loss, how did you cope?

Hi all,

I think I lost a stone since all this started. Has anyone gone through the same issue? I find it very hard to maintain my weight... Would love your insight.


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  • I lost a stone between sep and dec last year and ended up having a colonoscopy as a result. Turned out all fine and i think my ibs may have been made worse by stress with bouts of happening in the morning before work. I have put the weight back on now. The only think you can do is try and monitor the triggers. Also I would say look at the fodmap. You dont have to do all of it but it could help.

  • Thanks. I am trying to follow the fodmap guidelines, hopefully this will help

  • Hi yes I lost a lot of weight through IBS and anxiety. Even if I put a couple of pounds back on I lose it again somewhere along the line. I've accepted my 'new normal' weight and try to eat more when things are good. It's a shock at first as you lose lots quickly I didn't like looking in the mirror, trying clothes on I felt it made me look ill but got used to the new me and now all is fine. Good luck x

  • Thanks for your answer. I find this weight loss has a lots of negative impact on my anxiety and induce compulsive behaviors/thoughts like weighing myself 5 times a day etc... I will try some protein drinks. Maybe they could help me to gain some weight

  • Ah yes I weighed myself everyday think I weight myself once a month now to see where I'm at. I think IBS and anxiety needs to not be about the number of the scale but how you are feeling physically and mentally rate your anxiety 1-10 or IBS 1-10 each day. It's about accepting your body has changed and learn to love and look after yourself. Recognise unhealthy habit such as the weighing and set yourself a once a month weigh in x

  • Hi there, I have never had a problem with losing weight, wouldn't mind though from my perspective not that I am hugely overweight, just half a stone. I see though that you have anxiety and that is what made me read your answer above to Nicki.

    I have started The Thrive Programme which deals with all sorts of anxieties and I have bought the book as I suffer with Emetophobia and I have had enough of the condition and found the condition getting much worse because of my IBS and nausea. I kept dithering on whether to buy it or not; the reviews were amazing but there were just a couple of people that were cynical which made me hesitate whether to buy the book or not. The reason why I purchased the book in the end was someone on here also suffered with the condition and bought the book and haven't looked back. The Programme works on your mind and I regularly question myself on things and am starting to get better; this I know is going to change my life as I am on chapter 4 and am already starting to see benefits.

    Here is the link - thriveprogramme.org/

    This is certainly worth looking into as I'm starting to feel the benefit.

    Very best of luck.

  • Thanks for the recommendation, will check it out!

  • You are welcome

  • I have always been quite a low weight and couldn't gain weight, despite various suggestions from dieticians. Going on the FODMAP diet helped though, so it is worth giving it a try. I had to persuade my GP to refer me for this though as she thought an elimination diet would make me lose more weight, but it didn't and I'm gradually gaining.

  • I am looking into low Fodmap as well. Trying right now. How fast did you gain weight after you started?

  • It was slow - months rather than weeks and I still struggle to gain weight but I am now a normal BMI, rather than underweight. I also go to the gym so some of it may be muscle, but the fact that food is not going through me as quickly must be having some impact!

  • Yes, I was always naturally underweight but have lost a lot since my symptoms worsened two years ago. Doctors tried to ply me with Complan shakes until it turned out I'm dairy intolerant!! Cutting out dairy has unfortunately made me lose even more weight, so it's like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. I feel for you!

  • I am also trying to find something that can help me to gain weight. Have you tried plant based proteins?

  • Yes, I use soya and pea protein powders. I add them to soups as that's pretty much what I live on these days! My advice would be to try to get to the root of your symptoms, as no matter how hard you try it's going to be extremely difficult to put weight back on while you're suffering so much. I've lost count of how many times I've been told by doctors to simply 'eat more calories' - like I wouldn't if I could!!

  • Yes i am very underweight, really dont like it but cannot seem to put any weight on and have not done for a long time. I am fed up with people saying that i look like i have lost more weight, and are worried for me but the doctors dont seem to bother when i mention it. I am scared to go on elimination diets or give up bread completely as dont want to lose more,

  • Exact same situation here. It is not a good position to be.

  • Hi Casares8 and Intranslation, I was also underweight for years and couldn't put it on. My GP also thought going on an elimination diet would make things worse but I was convinced that something I was eating was triggering my IBS symptoms. I'd tried keeping food diaries but couldn't find out the cause. but going on a Fodmap diet, although difficult at first, did help with the diarrhea and I've subsequently put on weight. Not a lot, but just enough to put me back in the normal range. You don't need to give up bread etc, just change to the free-from versions. There are a lot more options about in supermarkets nowadays.

    One thing I did which may make it easier, was to cut out all lactose products first - replacing them with alternatives. I realised that doing that didn't make the slightest difference to me, so I could go back onto yoghurts etc. It was after that I did the fodmap diet, but still eating lactose containing products.

  • I completely understand how you feel.I lost one and a half stone two years ago and never really found out why despite the usual tests.Like you I hated it when people commented on my weight loss and got neurotic getting on the scales.I have put a couple of pounds on since then but never got back to my normal size and think I look far too skinny.I am sure the ibs and anxiety is to blame.my best wishes to you.

  • I lost over 3 stone in less than two weeks in May of this year. It turned out I had acute ulcerative colitis and in June I had to have a ileostomy. I have always had a funny stomach and fluctuated in weight but as always simply ignored it until it was too late. Please get yourself checked and if you feel you need a second opinion then get one as you know your own body. Ironically I feel the best I have in years since the ileostomy.

  • Yes, I fear that my doctors are missing such a condition as well. What kind of tests did you get to get yourself diagnosed?

  • What were your symptoms before the last flare up?

  • Hi there. You weren't on a tattoo show recently were you? Seems like it was the exact same symptoms of the guy in the show!

  • If any of you are lactose intolerant, just take a lactase enzymes daily.

    If you cant have a1 protein buy milk from jersey cows.

    If intolerant to cows milk, cheese etc.

    Swap it for goats milk , butter, cheese etc.

    If you cant have dairy, make fresh almond milk, use ghee. Avacardo butter etc

    If your intolerant to wheat its highly likely your intolerant to yeast and probably find yeast will cause alot more symptoms than wheat.

    So if rice isnt a problem make rice flour pancakes etc

    Add fruits if you like.

    Or have them with scrambled eggs etc

    Or top with melted goats butter & cinomon or ginger etc.

    Anyone wants recipe i can put it up.

    Dove farms has a good gf scone recipe.

    supermarkets do good cereals made fom rice etc low in sugar.

    Oils etc like olive, ghee, coconut, walnut etc are good for weight gain & healthy fats.

    As long as not intolerant to a food you should digest it & absorb the nutrients.

    If not intolerant for sure but still can't break down either carbs, protein or healthy fats then look into digestive enzymes.

  • Thanks for your answer littletoad! My issue is that I have Gerd and anything fat makes me flare up. I am trying a bland protein rich low fodmap diet. Hopefully, this will help

  • Then make sure you get tested for low or high stomach acid. Dont take it for granted that its high.

    Alot find its from low stomach acid.

    So drugs make them worse.

    Be sure that you dont have a herina. As that can cause gerd.

    Also look at food intolerances as they can cauese it to.

    What you mean by anything fat ?

    Do you have a gallbladder.

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