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Been a long time since I've been on here but thought I would write a quick update.

Recently, I have given my life some structure around school and other things and have stabilized my IBS.

I believe the great cure is no anxiety, certain medication, lifestyle changes and an easy, laid-back life.

I have noticed that I either go to the bathroom either once or twice a day (which is considered very normal). Either in the morning (a bit sloppy, but no diarrhea) or after school (usually whole but easily passable). One thing I do is each morning take 1 buscopan tablet and have a cup of peppermint tea. Then the pain will slowly ease throughout the day, by lunchtime be mild discomfort and gone in evening.

Then during the day, I avoid the two big things: onion and garlic but other than that I eat mostly what I used to (no ready meals though). My doc does have very mild IBS so she understands and she has never seen a case where eating a specific thing causes issues.

One thing which really helps isn't drinking after about 10pm and not eating after 9pm I find. I don't get why not drinking after late helps but it does for me. Also, if you're going to drink alcohol, try not carbonated, so now 18 I drink guinness or stir all the fizz out of anything before drinking.

Being anxious is my big trouble, for example when I was on an early morning flight and a 1.5 hour journey to airport that made it very painful and had one loose bowel movement in airport.

Feel free to add anything to this or post your thoughts :)

All the best to everyone.


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Couldn't agree more about stress and anxiety. I've had IBS all my life (although it was called nervous stomach in the 1960/70s). Had an horrendous Claire up due to stress and worry which lasted almost a year. It only really stopped once I had a sigmoidoscopy which was clear. I forced myself to stop worrying and an gradually improving. Gone a whole week without Imodium.


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Bowel movements aren't a big problem of mine as I know when I will go.

Pain is the issue.

Imodium is good.

All the best


My IBSD symptoms are controlled by keeping to a strict lactose/dairy free diet and some vegetables affect me.

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Pain being my issue too,I don't know about anyone else, I don't have D but I can go 3-4 times a day. The more I go the worse the pain gets. I suffer with pain every day and never found a reason for it.



I did have thag, but I broke a mental cycle. You want to go, cause you think you want to.

You could be forcing your bowel to empty ahead of time going that often (3 is normal, 4 times a day Is a bit much)

I used to go every morning before school, but once I decided to hold it in and it worked. Came home from school a did a 'nomal' bowel movement.

Hope this helps

P.s as I said, one peppermint tea and a Buscopan every morning. I swear by it.

Good look to all X


The doctor gave me Buscapan last week for the second time,but I don't know if I'm taking them properly. Do you take them before breakfast or after. I also found last time I had them they didn't do what I expected. ( Stop the continuous Spasms )


I take then when I wake up. And they don't work for everyone sadly


Thanks Jacko I'll give it another try.


Hi Jackol, I was really pleased to read that you have found a way that has reduced your IBS symptoms. I have had IBS-C for many years and have always been anxious. The FODMAP diet has helped me a lot, with the help of a Nutrionist I am now slowly trying foods which I have avoided for some time. (Recently I was very naughty and had some short bread, to my amazement it did not upset me).

I think if I could go back to eating a varied diet again I would make up for lost time and gain so much weight!

Your post has given me hope that we can feel better, and IBS does not have to rule our lives.

Thank you



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