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Hi all, I have an appointment on Friday with a Gastroenterolist, I do really want to ask to try a course of antibiotics for Sibo, ( after private breath test stated Methane gas was detected ). I am not sure if I am doing the right thing though, I am not in any pain, just cannot go toilet, feeling bloated constantly. ( 23yrs of the same ). The FODMAP diet does help. If any one has Sibo with IBS - C, I would welcome your thoughts.

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  • Hi there bigbun3, I would have a look at Alison Simpson's blog as it's really helpful. It's alisonsickofibs (Alison writes on this forum) and the link to her blog is:

    Best of luck

  • Hi crazyfitness, thank you for your reply. I will have a look 😃

  • I definitely do not recommend any kind of antibiotics or other medication, unless you want to be around asking for help online for your IBS, SIBO, leaky gut syndrome, peripheral neuropathy etc. in the next few years too... I made this mistake, to listen to a doctor who had absolutely no clue of what is going on, to take a course of Cipro in Feb. 2016 for a sinus infection and I struggled 10 months after to repopulate my gut flora, it was a struggle I will never forget... I literally thought I will die. Since then my health recovered 120%, by going on a vegan diet, with some intermittent fasting, exercise at least 30 mins a day etc.

    Go on an organic diet and watch how fast your body recovers itself, just give it a chance and the time needed.

  • See what your doc says and do what you feel is right for you x

  • Hi Nicki1884 and Kory, thank you for your replies. The Gastroenterolist would not take into account the private breath test I had done, so he would not prescribe antibiotics. I did for many months try the natural approach of trying to combat Sibo and Candida, which was very expensive and I found the diet so restictive to do even compared to the FODMAP diet, so may be best that I don't have to do the diet again. He is going to do a Colonoscopy which is a good thing, but I believe my problem is food orintated. Kory I am so pleased you are feeling so much better, you have done so well to keep up the healthy eating, with a family to cook for just keeping to FODMAP diet is enough to contend with at the moment 😃 both take care.

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