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I've just found this very interesting article on the Healthy Eating part of this Forum.

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  • Hi crazyfitness, thank you for posting this link. I hope more research continues on this subject. 🤗

  • You most welcome and it's very interesting. ;)


  • This article is very interesting as it backs up what I have been reading in Dr Michael Mosley's book 'the clever guts diet'. I will definitely take pre/probiotics and make sure I get a varied diet and hopefully this will help with my intolerances that I did not have until I went through the menopause.


  • It certainly is interesting and I'm glad it concurs with Dr Mosley's book. I am totally with you with the Menopause as I've been going through it for quite a few years now and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon :(


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