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Some advice please

I'm suffering tonight been fine for ages. I was watching tv and my tummy started gurgling really loud and it felt like it was also gurgling in my bottom then all of a sudden I needed the loo, ( I now have small smelly stools with mucus) I get a gurgle then need to go, it's happening roughly every ten minutes been like it for 2 hours now. I do have ibs, I now feel bloated and gurgley.

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Hi Lolly75,

I think it's been a flare up of your IBS,your symptoms are like mine.


Thanks I'm starting to worry abit now, i also have anxiety and reflux. My ibs started 4 and a half years ago with diarrhoea then a few years ago it changed to constipation.

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Hi,IBS can do that. Change from very loose stools to cant pass anything. Stress and anxiety plays a big part in IBS.


That certainly sounds like your IBS. Re anxiety, I have Emetophobia and I have purchased a book 'The Thrive Programme' and it's starting to help with my Emetophobia (I have only just started reading the book and doing the exercises and I'm starting to feel a difference). The reviews are excellent and someone on this forum said that I ought to buy the book as the programme worked for her. They do all sorts of programmes depending on what your anxiety is.

Just thinking as this should help with the anxiety you have.


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