I'm trying to start the low FODMAP diet tomorrow. Have been buying things today. Haven't found it easy to buy gluten free bread that is not high fibre and does not have honey or apple fibre added. I was tested for gluten intolerance but apparently I'm not but I shall try to cut out the gluten when the FODMAP diet recommends it. Have downloaded a Canadian app which helps a bit. The diet says e.g. tomatoes and oranges and wine (not together!) are OK but I know they upset me and I'm guessing that is because I have to avoid acidic things because of my hiatus hernia. So maybe it's two diets I need to be following! Has anyone else had this problem and do you have any tips? Thanks.

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  • As the low FODMAP way of eating was developed by Monash University in Australia I would suggest that you use their app as it is the one which is constantly updated as they test more foods. It is also very easy to understand and as foods are traffic light coloured with all green marked foods being able to be used in the first phase.

    I suggest you do first phase for at least six weeks before adding back in items by type and only in the quantities shown in the 'amber' section.

    Good luck- it changed my life very much for the better and has left me pain free, bloating free and with manageable Bowel movements. I have been using it for 4 years.

  • Thank you

  • The best app is food meastro which was devised by Kings College London - it covers food products in the UK.

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  • Hi there, how do you pay for the app as it says pay on download? I am not that tech savvy so to speak and only normally pay things with my card using machines in shops etc.


  • You will need to have a card registered with the store you are using ,(apple store or Google play) and the payment for the app will be taken that way

  • Thank you Tom for letting me know.

  • Hi

    If you're not gluten intolerant medical advice is not to eliminate it entirely from your diet. The FODMAP diet does not suit everyone. Many of the recommended foods are a definite no-no for me.

    You seem to be aware already that some of the advised foods do not suit you. I wouldn't take them just because the FODMAP diet recommends them.

    Avoiding the foods which cause problems is the best way to go rather than strict adherence to any particular diet for some of us.

    Best wishes

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  • In reality the fodmap diet is very hot and miss and you may go through it and come out the other end no wiser.

    Have you been tested for celiac disease?

  • Thanks for reply. Yes have had test and am not celiac. Have also found cows milk has helped settle my tum in tge past and I guessed it was counteracting acid as required by hiatus hernia diet. Anyway shall give low FODMAP a try but exclude the food and drink I know upsets me. Seems to require more home cooking!! Just found the cooked chicken I bought contains dextrose etc....

  • Hi. If you want to cut gluten try and loose the idea of "bread" altogether.

    Instead eat rice and veggies for your lunch, just like Asian people do. Have a drumstick for breakfast like ketogenic people do. Alter your perception of what a meal can be, don't get stuck on trying to find a FODMAP-twin or glutenfree-mirror of a "B&J sandwhich" or "cereal with milk". Eat something else altogether.

    How about a rich filled pumpkin soup for breakfast? Or poached eggs with a leaf of basil?

    I follow about 3 diets combined and it's alright. It's no fun exercise when you have to combine all the no-no-lists and you feel like there's nothing left. But you'll be alright. You can find out what your particular sensitivies are on the FODMAP, right after you've crossed off all the acidic things and other things you can't have.

    I had to cross off all fibre things. Byebye veggies, fruit, whole grains, corn, tomatoes. No thyramine for me either, byebye cheese, deli meats, pineapple, smoked anything, cheese cake, wine, saurkraut. Can't have sulphurous foods, byebye garlic, broccoli etc. Allergic to cheap vanilla flavouring and nutmeg and MSG.

    Luckily I'm lactose tolerant but I've found I feel better on just a bit of lactose dairy.

    So for me: broth, chicken, meat, fish, egg yokes, GINGER, whipped cream, cacao, sour cream, cookies, cakes, ice cream, white bread, herring, lemon juice, gelatine, nuts, butter. And have to eat before 2 in the afternoon, otherwise intestinal problems at night.

    I eat deliciously! Really. Not hungry ever. Get all my vitamins and proteins. No bloating, feel great. All the sweets I mention I eat in moderation, just enough (every day) to treat myself. My main food is gelatine, broth, bit of meat/fish, butter and herbal tea by the bucket. One slice of white bread a day is tolerated, I put butter on it. Then a little bit of jam. Or salmon spread I make myself. Or a piece dark chocolate.

    Go on, take the fodmap list, cross off everything you can't have because of your other sensitivities and start playing with what's left. You'll buy less so you can buy higher quality. Before you know it you'll be just as snobby as I am and only want artisanal chocolate haha.

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