Poo won't come out

Ok people his will sound very graphic I apologise in advance but I want to know if anyone else has the same issue.

Ok so yes I've been told I suffer with ibs, and normally I am on the constipated side. Some days are fine and I have no problem going to the toilet which is a great relief as some of you will agree. Ok but on some days I know the feaces is there and no matter how long I sit and wait on the loo, or try and push so much so I have a constant hemorrhoid on the outsidetails which looks lie a skin tag too. Anyway Imy having resort putting a latex glove on and putting vaseline on my finger to insert up my bum to run around and try to encourage the poo to come out, this sounds dirty but I'm sorry but most times I have to pull the poother out myself.... please tell me other people have suffered with and like this and please can you give me any advise????

Surely it's not normal????

Thankyou in advance xxx

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  • This problem is common enough as I'm sure many people will reply and tell you.

    Have you tried using a glycerin suppository or a micro-enema both of which work very quickly? You can buy these from any pharmacy.

  • I haven't triedone suppositorys in a while as I can never keep them up long enough for them to dissolve properly due to abdomen pain and the urge of needing to go, so they don't always benefit me. I do have lactolose solution and movicol for my constipation and also bisocodyl for the times I've not been for a week or more. I do try and keep my flu ids up as best I can but if your not thirsty you don't drink and I sometimes feel worse forcing myself to drink. Just worried that it might be my colon not working properly therefore not contracting to push the feaces out. Xxx

  • I know it can be pretty uncomfortable trying to keep the suppositories in, but they actually only take about 20 minutes to dissolve. Try a mini-enema instead, that might be better for you.

  • Thankyou I'll have a nosey neXT time I'm at chemist. Xx

  • If you really think your colon might not be working properly see if you can have a defecating proctogram done - not a very dignified procedure, but it will give you an answer on that.

  • Never heard of that but I'll Google and possibly mention next week at my Dr's appt. Thankyou for your responses pagan1 xx

  • Just Googled proctogram I had some barium meal xray done years ago but it may be worth me mentioning something to Dr's xx

  • A proctogramis different to barium enema. This will watch how you're emptying and if you've any pelvic floor problems causing you to not empty. For example, an internal rectal prolapse or rectocele

  • Google the whole phrase 'defecating proctogram' and you'll see it's quite different to the barium procedure you had previously.

  • Glycerol suposetries and make sure u dont get that bad get some comical and at night take some lactulose solution. Loads of water

  • Thankyou lulububs i find it hard drinking plain water but do try to keep my fluid intake up. I have movicol and lactolose as and when needed. Xx

  • At night before bed i take lactulose solution and a glass of water and as soon as i wake in morning i go

  • I've been ok up until today. I've taken lactolose this morning and a movicol half hr ago I'll take more lactolose this evening though thankyou xxx

  • Eating soft pears & prunes helps me with the bowl movement. Try lactulose which is the clear liquid a form of laxative helps clear the constipation! Drinking plenty of juices if you can take it would help. I can't drink any juices as they are citrus & produces more acid in my tummy!

  • I have been taking the lactolose. Will see how things go over the next couple of days xx

  • I have the same problem as you and found out randomly that I have rectocele. That's Bowel prolapse- maybe look it up and see if the symptoms fit!

  • I have had this problem - I have mainly constipated IBS, prolapse in large intestine and between uterus and colon plus partially collapsed pelvic floor. I've had all sorts of tests and been told I don't retain enough fluid in my bowels. Due to all the other stuff I use peristeen which is an at home irrigation kit. I would def recommend trying to get it checked out further. Good luck

  • Try the prune juice, a big glass in the morning and in the evening. You could dilute it with warm water that way you are getting the fluids you need. I did hear of people using half a suppository, cut lengthwise and put it in before going to bed to soften 'things' up, I haven't tried it myself. Hope you get relief soon

  • Thankyou all for your replied I will defo look into them all xxx

  • Look up mago7, no one listens to me so I am going off this site! It will work, READ and RESEARCH!...not your fault I am leaving, I am tired of spending my time trying to help, and I see the same people who I have personally posted to NOT Research, or listen!

  • Thankyou olivedog I shall have a look. I'm sorry nobody listens to you especially when you clearly go out ofor your way to answer xxx

  • Please read Pat1 reply, Mago7...look up finchly clinic oxygenated products, and aerobic life...this is too frustrating for me to try and help folks who do not listen, and keep posting the same malady every day!

    Good luck, it is a journey!😉

  • I agree about the Mag07. The best is magnesium for constipation. I agree with olivedog. People on this site don't listen to advice. Telling someone that has severe constipation to eat more fruit or prunes etc, will not help. I eat lots of fruit and veg, go to the gym most days and that alone does nothing. If I don't take magnesium I don't go. You can take magnesium citrate as well. About 1000mg at night on an empty stomach with lots of water. Look up magnesium and constipation and you will get a lot of information. It is the best thing. Lactulose and Movicol make you bloated and don't work for me.

  • It's just so awkward as I'd been fine for the last week and going quite happilying but then every so often I just get to this and I feel it can do me any good having to get the feaces out myself. I don't have much of an appetite either so obviously I'm not eating and getting the right nutrients but I do try keep my fluid levels up. Some days are hard as if your not hungry or thirsty you just don't do them. I have taken milk of magnesium before but I will defo have a good read on the infI you and olivedog mentioned, just have to wait till 23rd before I can purchask anything. Xxx

  • I brought some tablets from health shop holland and Barrett called colon cleanse , took one st night and it worked in morning 👍

  • My doctor prescribed a box of Micralax 'enemas' which you can administer yourself. They do work.

  • Thank you pat1....I have enough going on, to give my research and progress to folks who do not listen, and keep complaining without trying something that would help them! I unsubscribed! Rather spend positive time painting!😁

  • I am a Dutchman living in Holland, sorry for my English. After 30 years of IBS troubles a, constipation and pain my doctor found a solution. Also my poo stagnates half a centimeter before it has to come out. He ordered a MRI of my Pelvic Floor. They brought in a contrast fluid from below, inside my bowl. During this MRI I was supposed to press this fluid out and the mri would this process visible. BUT: I could not press anything out! The assistent of the MRI declared he had never ever seen anything like it. My bowl looked paralized. But: there is a cure for this problem, that many people have without knowing: SPASM SOLVING PHYSIOTHERAPY of the pelvic floor. You will be instructed how to use the complicated muscles of your pelvic floor. Very soon I will start this therapy, because there are many patients before me. Good Luck, everybody! To be continued. Hansjelle Dijkstra/Netherlands

  • Thankyou I'm going to give some of the other members ideas a try but I will definitely bworth mentioning my issue at the Dr's next Tuesday.

    Let me know how your treatment goes please xx

  • Very common issue, best dealt with by using a Microlax mini-enema. Much more effective than glycerin suppositories which take up to a hour to fully melt. You can buy them online from Chemist Direct.

  • Thankyou I may pop into my chemist after I've took little one to nursery xx

  • Just Googled and had a nosey the liquid seams like a soft easy enough enema. And with it being inserted straight into the rectum I can see there being and side effects too. Thankyou very much. Xxx

  • Look up something called a 'squatty potty' - you can just use a little footstool instead. Also you could try chia seeds - just a teaspoon left in a bit of water for about 5 mins. Turns into a kind of jelly. Or a tablespoon of linseeds/flax seeds with a large glass of water. Good luck.

  • 246bindy I'm guessinghe chia seeds in water turning into a jelly is like fybogel? That didn't work for me last time but thankyou xx

  • Just called to my chemist and got some suppositories so will try these first. Xxx

  • Hi you should get a little foot stall to elevate your feet slightly so your sitting at a slight angle.

    I see something on social media about sitting upright but your legs are elevated??

    Worth a try good luck xx

  • Hi starlet28 I have been doing this for about 2 n half years now. It does sometimes help but not in his case. Thankfully the suppositorie had helped released some feaces. It's just annoying knowing you've tried everything you know off and still end up wih moments like this. Currently got groin pain I'm hopingredients that's just associated with my over straining and my finger up bumy earlier and yesterday to remove some myself. Xxx

  • Glad the suppositories had some effect. If you feel there is something still inside you should take a couple more; you can't overdose on them. Try and hold them in for at least half an hour to give them time to work.

  • Ahh you poor thing!!!

    How about peppermint tea??

    Sorry I can be more help good luck :-))) xx

  • I have got peppermint tea in the cupboard I try it now and again but i cant seam to have more then 5 or 6 sips lol. I like me normal tea and sugar too much lol. Xxx

  • My dr gave me Baclofen suppositories and it's working. I have severe IBS .

  • I have had the same problem but never resorted to try and pull it out. What I do now though is have a dessert spoonful of Golden Linseed (I use organic) soaked in around a 3rd of a mug of water every day. I soak the seeds for around 1/2 to an hour and they certainly work for me.

    By the way, I also have IBS C.

  • Crazyfitness so you soak them and drink it? How does it taste? Honestly I'll be trying loads of different things to keep me trying to go over the weekend. Still going to take he lactolose. I think I may take the bisocodyl tonight and let that kick in, in the morning. I've started with pains now in my lower abdo both sides on and off. Xx

  • I soak them for 1/2 hour to an hour and then drink it. What I do is scrape the seeds that are left in the bottom of the mug as there are always some still there by using the spoon to scrape them out with. They taste absolutely fine and I actually enjoy biting some of them (I love seeds).

    I have had constipation for a very long time with my IBS and these work a treat.

    Another thing that works with me is plain exercise i.e. power walking/cycling - it really does help.

    All the very best and I hope that the pain goes very soon. Also re pain, I have recently purchased Kolanticon Gel and that seems to work for the pain - see website address below:


  • Thankyou, I do try to exercise when I can but sometimes my endometriosis doesn't allow me to do much. I seriously feel like an 80 odd yr old woman on deaths door most days. Not a 33 yr old mother xxx

  • I really feel for you having Endometriosis as well but hope that you do get better. I see that you have had a further reply to your post regarding Diverticulitis and in a way I hope that there is something that you can be diagnosed with and then get some medication and then relief.

    Very best of luck to you


  • Aww thankyou. I really hope so too seriously feel so low and fedo up. If I was a horse I'd be glue for sure!!! I'm now thinking I've sciatica too, but I have read that endometreosis can play a part in that but it's rare!! I really do hope I get some answers and treatment too. Xxx

  • You are welcome and I really hope you do get somewhere. Pardon the pun but I would be a real pain and keep nagging the doctors as you can't keep going on like this.

    Take care


  • Hi Suzie I to had this problem and was diagnosed with diverticulitis it was said that the symptoms was because of this Thanks

  • Oh wow!!! I always Google things and then think to myself no its not that I've only 1 symptom which results in me prob not mentioning anything. I shall have a Google of that and see what it is etc. Thankyou xxx

    Hope ypu have it under control xx

  • Yes I do have it under control now with one simple prescribed pill after years of suffering Thanks x

  • What pill do you take Shirley-Pierson?

  • Black coffee and lots of it works for me if I'm really bad although it can take a day to work.

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