Leaky gas is driving me crazy

I used to have leaky gas when I took antibiotics a long time ago and it went away.

But now it's back and I hate it. I first noticed it when I went to a meeting after taking 20mg of adderall in the morning with just coffee (I just started taking adderall 3 weeks ago and always with breakfast and only 10mg). I thought maybe it would go away after a bowel movement so the next morning I made sure to have a BM before I left and only took 10mg of adderall, but it happened again!

I can't feel the gas coming only notice the smell slowly filling up the room and people's reactions towards me. At first I thought it wasn't me but everyone around me would hold their nose, move away from me, cough, etc. It's so embarrassing! I feel like I could die and I'm so worried about being around people.

The thing is I only notice it in those meetings. Everyone's reactions strongly suggested it was me. But when I left and went straight to my boyfriends house he said he couldn't smell anything. Also, my family and friends tell me they can't smell anything either so what the hec? The 'Is it me? Is not me' thing driving me crazy! I left those meetings early twice because of this and I didn't get any work done because I was so worried about them smelling me.

I have another meeting and class all day on Monday so I'm just hoping if I skip adderall that day, I'll be fine.

How do you cope with the embarrassment?

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  • He there, I feel for you as I've had embarrassing wind before. Maybe if your work colleagues are holding their noses/walking away from you and your family as saying you are fine it could be your family being nice to you so you don't worry - just a thought. When it's happened to me I have just hoped that no-one could smell it and would sometimes get up and walk away i.e. to use the ladies.

    I am much better if I eat a soluable fibre diet. I've never taken Adderall but sounds like a good idea to stop it but I would go back to your GP to see if there is anything else you can take.

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