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Unsettled stomach for 10 days

Hi everybody, this is new to me!

I'm looking for advice and suggestions please. Around 18 months ago I realised that eating white bread gave me an awful stomach, cramps, bubbling and gurgling, and then loose stools. Normally after having been to the toilet, the symptoms were relieved and I was much better. I have been able to eat brown and seeded bread with no issues.

I've avoided white bread pretty much completely (slipped up with some amazing garlic bread - worth it) until nearly 2 weeks ago. Staying at a friends house I was presented with white bread for breakfast on two mornings. Having been free of symptoms for quite a while I tried it and hoped for the best. Seemed to be clear until the Tuesday, where my stomach turned completely and I felt absolutely awful.

Diarrhea, cramps, complete lack of energy from Tuesday to Thursday. Thought it was getting better but now, over 10 days later I am still having stomach issues, cramps and urgent need to go to the toilet in the later afternoon/evening. I have not had white bread since the previous Monday, and I have been trying to avoid much else that could bring a reaction on. I eat pretty healthily and all food we eat is fresh.

If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it, the doctors can't see me for 11 days but I am going to have a phone conversation with them tomorrow. I know white bread is the trigger, I am just unsure if it is IBS or an intolerance to something in white bread.

Sorry for the long post, I would just really like to get well again :/

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It's great that you have found that white bread is a trigger.

You may find this article on food intolerance of interest: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...



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