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Constant Bruised tender feeling in left colon area- is it truly just IBS-C???

Ok, so 4 years ago I had this tender, full like feeling in my lower left abdomen. It wasn't constant, more like I'd feel it right as I bent to sit down or when I bent to tie a shoe, or pick something up. It felt like constipation so I tried to treat it as such. I was able to have bowel movements every day so I realized it must not be constipation. After about a month I saw my dr who recommended a CT scan. The CT scan showed "mild thickening or inflammation of the colon-diverticulitis cannot be ruled out", so they treated me with antibiotics. It made no difference. About 2 months later we did the follow up Colonoscopy (complete clean out didn't make a difference in the tenderness either) which the dr said was normal and no diverticula pockets or inflammation was found, so he said it was IBS-C and to continue with miralax and bentyl as needed for spasms. I never filled the bentyl because in all honesty, it wasn't pain that kept me from doing anything...just an annoyance that I felt like I shouldn't be ignoring. Anyway, I dealt with if for a couple more months and then it mysteriously went away. I've had small episodes since only lasting a day or two and then it's gone.

Well, now it's back and has been hanging around for a month now.

Again, same feeling. Tender when I bend to sit, dress myself, etc. it's like when I squish everything by bending it is tender. Not even pain. Probably like a 3 on the pain scale if that.

But I guess I'm struggling because i wonder if this is truly IBS C. I mean the colonoscopy was just 4 years ago, and was clear, so that's kind of the definitive test to rule out the worst stuff, right? I also had an unrelated CT scan 8 months ago and nothing was seen there...although I wasn't experiencing the symptoms then either.

Is IBS something that can flare for months? Some days it's more noticeable than others, probably because when I'm busy and active I don't notice it as much.

We don't have insurance so going back to do all the tests would be very costly...and my husband is adamant that "we did all the testing and it was clear, you're fine". Of course I'm definitely a hyper aware person when it comes to health. I notice things most people would never even acknowledge.

Any ideas, any IBS people have similar symptoms?

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Just wanted to say that although a colonoscopy is a really good thing to rule out the nasties, it doesn't actually show what your bowel does when it's in action and when it hasn't been chemically cleaned out.

If you Google 'defecating proctogram' you'll see that this is a procedure which does exactly that and can be very revealing.

In my view it would be worth asking your doctor if you can get one done.

Best wishes,



Hi i have a kit from Coloplast irripump i use every day to clear bowel as i don't empty properly could be to do with my spine damage as lower back/bum/thighs are numb as sphincter isn't tight as can't feel which they said at uro before could cause bowel issues.


For your CT scan, did they check your ovaries?


I have the same but on my right side. Seems to be no rhyme or reason for when it's worse. Are you any further forward?


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