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Norovirus and IBS

Yesterday (Sunday) was my birthday and i caught the norovirus that sadly was doing the rounds. After vomiting and passing unpleasnt stools i felt better. Hours had passed and i felt more human, until my IBS kicked in!!! Ive done nothing but pass liquid stools that are light brown in colour. I have a feeling this is now my IBS.

Has anybody suffered noro and ibs? Any guidence would be great. If its still a bug i cant work :( (work in childcare)

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People are contagious 3 days after the have had the stomach bug and it has no more physical symptoms

Hope u feel better soon


oh man, you're in for a ride! DO NOT trust the fart! Whatever you do, do not fart for at least a week! You may end up pooping in your pants :P

In all seriousness, the norovirus was a gift from heaven when I last caught it. It was followed by 3 months of NO IBS symptoms whatsoever.

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My friend had noro virus and he caught it off his sister who started going out when her symptoms eased! It takes quite a while to leave your system so give it more time. Obviously if you have similar symptoms usually then you're more likely to be sensitive to it anyway. Check out NHS page on how to manage the virus and when is safe to go out.

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Hi CSmidge

Like you I have just had a virus and 4 weeks later I am still not myself. My IBS also flared up. I have been taken Dihydrocodeine every other day and that helps to slow down my IBS but you have to be careful with this medication if I need to I also take a little off lactulose so that I don't get blocked up. It was the paramedics that told me to take it and I must say that it did help me. I also told my gp and she said that it was ok to take it but if needed take a little lactose as well.

I truly wish you well and take good care of yourself. Jan101 🤗🤗🌹🌷🌺🌸 xxx

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