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Me and my medical dramatic life so far lol

Hi I'm Paul I'm 42 and have multiple health issues including chronic IBS which controls my life and has caused me to stop work as being a manual worker is not really compatible with IBS issues. The problems I have stemmed from 2009 when I got diagnosed with testosterone deficiency which was at a critical level , luckily my doctor/consultant was quick to respond but the can of worms was opened. As a result health has taken at first a slow decline but turning 40 it appeared to me that it had decided to turn the screw and start wounding me not just physically but also mentally which now is a burden on family life and financial support to my family from me is non existing as I'm too fatigued to be able to work besides companies won't insure a wrecked human like me lol. Nor do I get any financial help from the state as my wife earns too much and who suffers with health issues herself so its one vicious circle of life !

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Hi, I have Crohn's disease which if I allow it too could control my life. I understand how you feel and what your going through. I manage to work 20 hours a week. It's a massive struggle with the fatigue and as I now have a colostomy bag at least I don't have to keep going to the toilet!! I realised one day that I had pretty much become my disease. I'd let it take a lot of things from me. I knew I had to fight back and take back some control, so everyday I'm thankful for what I can do!! I do things that make me happy. Don't let it take everything from you, just do little bits when you can.


I try to make the best of a bad situation by doing what I can do but even that suffers from time to time. They have had cameras up nearly every hole to find the problem but to no avail. Predicting what my body will do is like Russian roulette. You thought you had found the gold but really it was painted cooking foil. Life vs this is so debilitating at times in fact in a 12 month study I actually slept for more hours than I was awake and documented on my sleep apnea record chip in my device , which has shocked doctors by the amount I've actually slept for. Before I was treated it was chronic I could fall asleep with 3 cans of red bull and caffeine pills to get me through a normal working day which is maniacally dangerous. Now its medical conditions that now cause it with no idea how to control it as yet. My doctor and consultant just don't know as medical results show negative to specific triggers and conditions that can be seen by microscope or anything diagnostic other than that they have to make a guess well an educated one as to what is going on. Fed up is an understatement as is depression both bite really hard when you really want to achieve looking after your family and providing for them of which I can't do as no company will insure me to work or want me there as I'm unreliable and the common thing said by the job centre was " You are just unemployable and unreliable this will impact on their business and reputation, by you being like you are just isn't compatible with anything we can do for you , nor are you entitled to no benefits as you're illnesses don't meet the required to classed as requiring benefits. ". So my wife has to work hard which is not good as she has moderate fibromyalgia and other medical conditions too which complicate matters and impacts family life and also intimacy as neither is easy and at times frustrating and lonely as we are both middle aged and should be in prime of life. But reality is cruel and merciless an end of it would be our pot of gold at the end of a rainbow but its not likely unless medical revolution takes place. I think the NHS is sick of me lol. Today I feel like I've been cyber attacked by the IBS Trojan horse. I even looked to see online while doing the IBS deeds if it was possible to marry the toilet as I spent more time with it and it sees more of me than she does but surprisingly the amounts of people that have married obscure things is quite high compared to what I imagined at bout surprising at 3:30am in the morning and playing bingo on my tablet to try and kill the pain and time , dawn was lovely this morning as was Wednesday, Thursday,Friday and this morning oh well this a window into me and my life.

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I too have ibs D and very short of testosterone also im diabetic and underactive thyroid. Itake medication for all this plus simvestatin. My diarhea is very bad have to take imodum everyday sometimes 6 a day and to make it worst im a bus driver so finding toilets is another thing. But life goes on ots though but be strong

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Hi Paul,

A word of hope for you. I had chronic IBS which was turning into fibromyalgia. And I have beaten it.

You are probably living this period feeling like a failure. But it is actually the opposite. You are going to have the time you need to look after yourself, to rest, and to sort out what is keeping you in IBS.

My first word of advice: Decide not to believe anyone who says "you will have this for life". This is a limiting thought, and one that stops you from healing.

The multiple health issues may well be interlinked. When the body loses balance, it can create a crescendo effect.

Candida can, for example, cause hormone imbalance, which in itself can cause bloating and many IBS symptoms. I have read that it can impact testosterone production in men.

Have you been tested for Candida or SIBO? This article gives you some more details: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

I set up my blog to give inspiration and direction to other IBS sufferers. You may find some useful articles on it, with a different angle to usual.

Hope this helps you Paul,



Well folks there is some hope I have been referred to an IBS specialist at Good Hope Hospital near Birmingham UK. His name is Dr Singh I'm told by my gp he is the top in this field of IBS and is with the NHS exclusively at Good Hope Hospital. He has got a outstanding track record of diagnosing and treating the difficulties of IBS. To say I got lucky today is an understatement and a happier wife lol. When he has worked out the problems I will have to divorce the toilet as we have been having a secret affair for so long now and doesn't answer back what ever I've dropped in it lol.

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I have to have hormone replacement therapy which is strange for a man to have but it saved my life as things got to a critical level. Interesting that IBS started to cause fibromyalgia with my wife it was the other way round but her IBS is well controlled by diet. But saying that IBS is like Russian roulette at times just a good job we are a two toilet house lol !


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