Just diagnosed after 8 months of hell

Hi, as per above, still getting my head around it. Re the FODMAP diet, my neighbour who is a dietician said not to use it. It's the Australian version and that they have the same products but different ingredients. Best to use Food Maestro, it's an app and you can scan every product and will confirm if safe to eat. I have lost 1 and a half stones, so 8 stones now which is scary.I have many odd symptoms, popping in my legs, my finger nails feel acidic so have to keep biting them , it's horrible.!! the circulation in my hands can be bad, and my nose goes blue ! I had severe pain across my , what I thought was my stomach just under my ribs, felt like every piece of food was pushing to escape my body, turned out it was the fermentation process in my bowel the noise and the wind was ridiculous. Was driving my friends nuts , I'm lactose intolerant, Gluten Intolerant blah blah blah... turns out I was kind of right. Have been in denial for weeks but have my head around it. Who knew there was a wine out there I could have without the painful after experience 👏🏼

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  • What wine is okay ? I regularly have a bad reaction after wine which I enjoy with a meal.


  • Download the app food maestro, fill in the questionnaire. Then go into Browse category , it gives you red, white, spirits etc. Asda, Co-Op. hope that helps

  • Thanks

  • Thanks for that info. I've been following the FODMAP diet for about two years using the Monash App. It's been so helpful, but having looked at Food Maestro I shall start using that.

    I have terrible problems with Arla Lactose Free milk and gave to use Soya, just wondered if anyone had same/similar probs.


  • No soya allowed, only Alpro fresh full cream milk, your not allowed the S/S. Odd I know. Buts that's worked out in the details I put in.

    Ok n the FODMAP I was allowed Heinz baked beans....eh no. On FM it's a NoNo No

  • I use almond milk

  • Yes almond it rice milk is good for me too it's nice in cereal and has vitamins in it. 🤗

  • Apologies I meant Arla lactose free but the blue, it's on the list as ok, have you been having the S/S ?

  • Yep, I was on the SS, how strange. Many thanks for your help.


  • Did you buy some and try ?

  • I found going back to being vegetarian did wonders for me & im gradually going vegan now. The more animal products I cut out the better. (I did it for ethical reasons but the IBS getting better is side effect) I lost a lot of weight but that due to other things I won't go into here. I'm under a dietician & going to the gym. I know I can't have certain things like cucumbers or soy milk too. Just log what starts your off & avoid it. I think a good health team can help too if you can get one.

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