Amytriptalin day 3


My first pill on Friday night did knock me out - didn't wake until just before 10 unheard of for me and I was pretty foggy all day but no pain no runs no bloating which was fab!

Tablet 2 - woke lots of times with pains back. Not as foggy as day before but still not quite with it and awake just before 8 - pains back as per usual - but no runs and bloating was back to normal.

Tablet 3 - again waking up through night with pain. Awake just before 8 no runs but the pain is as bad as ever and so is bloating. Bit foggy but able to type this out.

Anyone who's taken this did you get the same reaction - is it just that this hasn't kicked in yet or should I speak to gp to up dosage?


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  • For me it gave me horrendous nightmares every time i took it- even just with 5mg and still not good sleep. So im off to gp next week to ask for propananol

  • Can take up to 4 weeks to work.

  • Hi Jane

    What Mg are the tablets you have? Mine are just 10Mg and I find that they helped with discomfort under rib cage on my right hand side. They made me sleep better but do not make me foggy the next day.

    As I understand it, they just help slow your system down a bit, which can help with some symptoms, which might be stress-related. I did not understand them to be a cure for IBS. You still need to stick to your diet and whatever other methods you are using to deal with IBS.

    All the best


  • Hi Angus,

    Found out why mine were making me ill not better - lactose in the ingredients. Gp now trying to find some lactose free for me.

    I get the pain in left hand ribs all round my back - feels like a red hot poker going through me.

    Naturally I'll stick to foods I'm safe to eat - but hopefully once in track with right pills I'll feel loads better 🙂

  • Good luck. At least your Doc is on the ball

  • Im into my 2nd week now jane and havnt had anymore of the runs. No fogginess at all just a bit more tired in the mornings they work best if i take around 8pm. Im still having to take 2 buscopan when i wake as the cramps havnt completely gone just got less painful and more bearable. I feel more able to cope with stressful mornings. It was also recommended to me for my chronic lower backpainwhich i can say it definately has had no effect whatsover on. Perhaps this needs a higher dose but for now things seem to be ok with 10mg.

  • That's good news that they are working for you - I hope they continue to help 🙂x

  • I have been on 10mg fpr 18 months which i take 1 at night they are for my sciatica but the constipation is awful they cure one thing and give me another...

  • Prue1956 I'm glad they help your sciatica - it's a shame we need to deal with side effects!!

  • I found it very helpful for several months however, my first night was 25 mg and slept until mid afternoon the next day! I settled on 10 but the nightmares were awful and I found for weeks and weeks even after stopping them my brain was foggy. They helped with IBS-C but too much for me!

  • I've been on the pills for over a week - am adjusted to foggy brain but still tired out! Only problem is that as they wear off the runs come back big style!! I'm watching all I eat but slipped up on a gluten free cake that was topped with oats yesterday and even then it didn't stop the dashes to the bathroom!! Think maybe the pills work enough for me to go to work but evenings are starting to be spent in bathroom!!

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