diagnosed helicobacter pylori

Hi there. I had a endoscopy yestaday.. Due to a lot of random pain in my stomach. I was addiment it was gallbladder issue. After the procedure the docter tells me. I had inflmation in my stomach. He's took samples and will get them tested has thay think it's h/P Iv got my self all worried weather iv got this and my have passed it on to my baby grandson and family. The nurses did say you can get this has a child and it can just be there with out knowing.

Wishing you all a wonderful day x

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  • My sister tested positive but I was negative so don't worry about family members! My kids have ibs symptoms but not as bad as me and I feel guilty but what can you do!! Just give advice!

    There are antibiotics and other pills which can kill the hp so I hope your doc has given you these and you recover soon

  • I'm wating on the docters and treatment . Ty love x

  • Hello Charmed81823. Helicobacter pylori I m told by a surgeon, is a treatable infection somethimes causing a stomach or duodenal ulcer. The docs will sort it out for you. Tibbly

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