Hi, I'm new to this but how reassuring to see that I'm not a minority (sometimes feels like it). My 'problems' began a couple of years ago, when I decided to try a herbal (by mouth) colon cleanse spring clean, so to speak.

Never tried it before but It was actually so intense that I swear it disposed of the majority of my bowel lining as well!

Since this, I have had ongoing ibs symptoms,ibs-c and ibs-d, so much bloating that I sometimes look 5/6 months pregnant. I had a colonoscopy last year which found nothing, have an a home test for coeliac and a general allergy test and take colpermin regularly.

My bowels have their own agenda and it makes me avoid going out, for fear that I will feel the dreaded cramps and know that 'something' is on it's way! I sometimes don't get a warning with the D, it just happens! How do other people cope and what strategies do you use when at work? Sorry, a bit personal, but have you had an 'accident' while at work or out and how did you manage that?

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  • You're definitely not alone with IBS, chances are you know at least one person who has it, but is too embarrassed by its symptoms to discuss it - lots of people are. This website is brilliant and a real life-saver in that you can say whatever you like.

    Before I found a diet (low FODMAPs) that cleared my symptoms by 95%, I had several near-misses whilst away from home and, if I'm daft enough to slide off the diet too far and/or too often, I just stay at home for a couple of days until the trigger foods have been safely ejected!

    Have you tried any elimination diets and can you identify any food/drink triggers?


  • I haven't tried any elimination diets yet, but am really interested in looking into the FODMAPS. I am vegetarian and recently been trying to cut out dairy and use Soya instead because apparently we can't digest other mammals milk, hence my decision and I am hoping it might help. My food intolerances showed as wheat ,maize, Gluten, Cocoa Bean (there goes my chocolate fix), not sure where to start!

  • If you did a home test for food intolerances, I wouldn't pay too much attention to the results as it's just not scientifically possible for the companies that sell these tests to be able to do what they claim. You've got to work it out for yourself either by a process of elimination or reverse the method and do it by incremental additions. Bear in mind that it can take up to 48 hours for food to pass through your system. so it's not necessarily what you ate yesterday that's giving you a problem.

    I agree wholeheartedly with kerrym212 about soya as it gives me and many others on here a lot of problems. I use lactose-free milk rather than almond or coconut which are high in FODMAPs.

    Try and get your GP to refer you to a dietitian as the NHS has now got behind the FODMAPs diet and you can easily get all the info you need from there.


  • you are not alone/1 i too have the dreaded cramps, but it is now usually if i am stressed or anxious - even looking forward to a holiday can start me off! i use FODMAPS diet and buscopan - this has helped me a great deal. stay on this website though - you'll get lots of good advice her


  • Thanks Rosemary, yes there is so much on here. Really glad I found this site. I'm keeping a food diary now, to see what's what...

  • If I were you I would definately seek out an acupuncturist. You know the cause which will help them to pinpoint the right treatment for you.

  • I hadn't thought of Acupuncture, will have to look into that, Thanks!

  • Look on the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) website for one near you.

  • Oh? Thanks Kerrym, will check out the links :)

  • Why is L Plantarum ONLY suitable for vegans? Does it not work for meat eaters?

  • Thanks for clearing that up:-)

  • I am curious. I assume you have IBS-D (diarrhea). What did you take for the purge that triggered this problem? i need to know because, although I have IBS-C, my pain dates from a cleanse I did preparing for a colonoscopy using Miralax. (similar to movicol) My life has been a nightmare since. Thanks and good luck.

  • I took Acai Berry and Detox Plus Colon Cleanse Capsules - Herbal Colon Cleanse Detox because I was having probs with constipation, so thought a good cleanse would help - biggest mistake I ever made! It's ever since then that I've had IBS symptoms.

  • Hi! Okay so many of you have probably heard me on here many times responding about SIBO! Please go get tested, I have suffered for 20yrs been to specialists & dr's. got with a naturopath dr that specializes in Gi, well I tested extremely high for SIBO, it's a bacteria infection in the small intestines that give you ibs symptoms. To treat, you take an antibiotic, probiotic, gap diet for a month then fodmap diet for 3-6 months. The antibiotics can't get rid of all the bacteria but special diet of not feeding the bacteria they will die off & the stomach wil start to heal. This condition goes un diagnosed in a huge percentage of ibs patients. So please please it's worth being tested & getting on the road to healthy, normal & happy :) I'm not two weeks in right now so I have just started my journey! But excited!

  • Where do get this tested? Dr's?

  • Well, I live in Portland oregon & was able to get done here. From what I understand, your dr. Should b able to order one if you don't live close by somewhere where they offer. You take the kit home & do. It's a breath test & they look for certain levels of methane gas, which our bodies should not produce unless you have this certain bacteria infection. I got my test from the college here in Portland. Was $125 versus $600 from the hospital. Also keep in mind the antibiotic is $750!! But I went natural antibiotics for $200 & they have had more success rate on those anyways!!

  • I had a SIBO test done about 10 days ago after asking my gastroenterologist for a referral. Some people struggle to get their doctors to agree, but keep pushing and you'll get there eventually.

  • Hello again Roz, what did the gastro prescribe for you? I think I may prefer angbri's natural remedies:-/

  • My test result was absolutely normal, so didn't need anything.

  • I went to a gastro and they wouldn't give me a SIBO. They wanted me to have a sigmoidoscopy so I cancelled the follow up. They didn't know about fodmaps either!

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