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Changes in my IBS

I was first diagnosed with IBS about 30 years ago - flare ups involved lower abdominal pain & cramps (like very bad period pain) but no constipation or diarrhoea. I had my gall bladder removed 11 years ago. For the last 9 months I have been suffering with bloating (whole abdomen not just lower) and much looser stools (though not diarrhoea). It got to the stage I felt like I was 8 months pregnant (but I can assure you I am not!). My GP has done blood tests and ruled out anything sinister and believes this is IBS. Has anyone else had a huge change in their IBS symptoms. My next step is to do a food elimination diet - if I can get my head around it.

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Have you tried some really strong probiotics? Something like Vivomixx might be worth a try. My symptoms weren't as bad as yours but it sorted my bloating out.


Thanks. I'll give it a try.


Hi I have recently just gone through exactly the same. Gone from bouts of constipation to being really loose. Been worrying sick over the change but reading about IBS seems that this happens a lot. The only thing I can think is that I have recently drastically reduced my tea intake and now graze through the day. One thing is sure I have to go as soon as I wake. Sounds drastic but feel almost like I have to get the poisonous stuff out of my system.

Trying to get my GP to refer me to a specialist going to pay for a consultation as its effecting my work.


I had IBS for over 25 years. My symptoms changed over the course of time. I got to the 8 months pregnant look too. I have since beaten my IBS on my own without meds, so there is hope.

Has your GP tested you for SIBO or Candida? sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...



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