Depressed and feeling ill

Hi there, I am 99% sure I have Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, my symptoms are exact to those of sibo. But what I'm really down about is that the nhs doesn't do testing for this! How am I meant to get a diagnosis? I can't afford to go private as the drugs to treat this cost around £1000 per course. I don't know what to do to be honest😭

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  • Hi, is this also known as Dysbiosis? Have you tried taking probiotics to balance the gut flora?

  • Hi, it's caused by dysbiosis. And unfortunately you have to kill the bacteria before you can take probiotics. The bacteria aren't meant to be in the small intestine, so taking the probiotics would only add to them!

  • Ahhh right I see. I've read so much about possible causes of ibs over the years that I must have got a bit confused on this one.

  • Hi Dylan, I'd say that they don't openly let you know that you can be tested but I saw that it was possible on NHS in some parts of the country so I pushed to get tested. I'm in Gloucestershire though so maybe different for you. I tested negative even though I have all symptoms but if it had been positive they'd have prescribed antibiotics. They also recommend low FODMAP diet and you can also use natural anti fungals/ antibiotics such as coconut oil, berberene etc. I agree to avoid probiotics. Hope this helps.

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