Feeling sick and very discouraged

Thing is, I know much of this is my fault for 'cheating' on what I've been eating... Sometimes I get it in my head: oh its ok to eat some sweet stuff or other food with white flour (or sometimes any grain)... and for a long time I can get away with it... THEN comes the day of reckoning ... and I have had continuous diarrhea now for two days and it leaves me feeling so sick and so tired...Plus Its all worse because I am so disappointed in myself that my anxiety and depression have a hay-day....

Right now its hard to describe HOW I feel...just tired and horribly 'wierd'...and it scares me a bit, too.... Anyway, maybe somehow this post might encourage others to keep on the straight and narrow and NOT cheat on what you can and cannot eat.

I hope everyone is having a good day...or at least that day will have really GOOD SPOTS in it! Take care, everyone.

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  • My sympathies. Perhaps you should try looking at it another way, though: when you cheat, see it more as a treat. I got so depressed when following the low FODMAP diet religiously and finally decided that I would accept some discomfort and problems just for the occasional freedom to eat something I enjoyed. Despite the sometimes negative consequences (which admittedly weren't as bad as yours appear to be) I did feel a lot happier for it.

  • Thats awful..such a bad reaction. I try to only eat ."bad."foods when I know I have no commitments next day.

    Hope you are getting some tlc...and better soon.

  • I am gluten and dairy free and follow low Fodmaps foods too. I find I can now eat some dairy (An ice cream for instance) but I wouldn't have more than one in a week. Same with a normal cake or sandwich. I think of those things as treats and make sure I only have one thing which I know disagrees with me and not another for at least three days. That allows me to not get so depressed about the food restrictions and generally I get away with it although just occasionally I take half an Imodium tablet which is usually enough.

  • I like your approach to dealing with the gluten/dairy, it probably makes what 'naughty' food you do have taste so much better as you know you shouldnt have it. Lol

  • I do the same you gethe a false sense of security when all is going well then so angry with yourself when you are I hope you feel better soon x

  • How are you now ?

    I had prawn and brown bread yesterday....bad idea...so more immodium needed to get out today...ugh.

  • Thanks for your replies, everyone!!.. I LIKE the idea of 'eating the bad foods once in awhile and just enjoying it!' :) I think with as tangled up as anxiety gets to be with this whole thing -- I think the 'bad foods' would most likely affect a person LESS with a less guilty or anxious attitude. That is good thinking and I betcha it approaches 'scientific' too! :)

  • I feel your pain as my IBS has been a lot worse for quite a while now but I think that is down to a significant amount of stress but also partly a bad diet. I am going to take myself in hand and improve the diet but problem is, there are some healthy things I can't eat i.e. broccoli!

    I really hope that you feel better very soon x

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