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Lots of problems - all connected I'm sure!

Have the 'tiredness-thing' (chronic fatigue, aches/pains, stomach problems etc) - (last 18 years). For the last 7 have had awful skin condition - I come out in sebum filled pores; deep in my skin they are all over my body and they are hard.no one (Doctors, dermatologist, therapists (many!) know what it is. I studied nutrition for a while and am well aware of eating healthily. I have done a number of liver/gallbladder cleanses which helped (I was feeling nauseous with almost everything I ate (been trying to treat 'candida' for last 30 years! They have helped but stomach still not quite right. Thought the skin would improve doing this. Every time I have taken anything to (detox) either from therapists or myself I ci!Me out in ever more spots. It is months before they go and leaves scars and then more appear. This was all triggered by a great deal of stress and much trauma along with the EB virus. Has anyone else this type of skin condition along with gut problems. ?



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Have you been tested for coeliac and b12deficiency also thyroid?


Could all to be with dysbiosis, candida and leaky gut.


I'm sorry I don't know about the spots. One thing you could try is having a few sessions with a Reiki (energy) practitioner to help rebalance your body and offload some of your stress. Not a total fix but it can help.

When you talk about scarring it makes me thick of chickenpox. Could it be a knock-on effect of the EB virus? In which case you would need to see a specialist who can tell you how to get it out of your system.



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