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Loss of appetite and sleep difficulty

I was diagnosed with ibs about 6 months ago and was told it was stress related, it was probably triggered due to the deaths of my two grandparents a year ago.

I have been down different routes at diffetent times, I tried a low FODMAP diet for 6 weeks, gluten free, a herbal route for the stress and I have now cut out meat. None have really helped that much.

I suffer from diarrhoea every day and occasional constipation that lasts about a week. I often have stabbing stomach pains and always feel bloated.

It has also caused me to not sleep properly which causes me to stress more. I also now struggle with eating properly ( i can quite easily just have one meal a day) and have been losing weight.

I would like to know the best course of action but I am not that happy with taking polls. I would also know the best ways to treat my symptoms especially the lack of sleep and the loss of my appetite.

Thank you very much ☺

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I would stick to the FODMAP diet a bit longer and maybe try something like Kalms sleep or A.Vogal Avena calm before you go to bed. (The last one works best for me) I use Saguna Silicol gel which has stopped diarrhea. I just take a tablespoon full in water on a morning. Make sure you take time out to relax and do things you enjoy.


Since it has been a year, you may be ready to offload some of those emotions that are possibly bottled up and fuelling all this. You can do this in many ways. I particularly recommend seeing a local Reiki practitioner (energy healing). If this works for you, you may feel very tired for a couple of days and sleep deeply. So you may want to see him/her on a Friday before a weekend. This helped me a lot anyway.



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