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Last year I had a particularly bad year. My mum died in May, followed by dad in June. One of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer in April and died in October, aged 47. To add to that, one of the students in my GCSE class died three days after getting his exam results. All that's by way of context. In the summer I was struggling with piles, (long-term sufferer but they would come and go) but from September/October on I've had classic IBS-C and IBS-D symptoms - alternating between days where I've needed frequent trips to the loo and a sequence of days where I've dried up. I've had four lots of blood tests - all clear - and a colonoscopy - again clear. Currently I'm struggling with lower back pain and fatigue/tiredness and trapped wind (lots of farting, to put it bluntly) although I have little in the way of stomach pain. I'm also experiencing a weird tingling in my lips and nose.

No blood in the stools, they are of normal consistency but when I have a day or two when I need to go, I produce a lot! My appetite is normal, but I'm reluctant to eat too much because of the side-effects.

Anyone with any similar experiences? I'm hoping that this is purely stress related, but I've had very little respite since last summer. I'm retiring from my job in July - my job is in middle management in education and that's pretty stressful too, so my hope is that retirement will provide physical respite - but I'd like to be on the mend before then too...!

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  • You have been through the mill... I hope things will be getting better for you real soon.

    Does any foods trigger your ibs, do you know what they are?

  • Thanks - Not as I'm aware - I've gone gluten an dairy free for a month each and it made no difference. Eating smaller portions helps a bit.

  • Have you tried to do a food diary?

  • That's the next step, I think.

  • Try organic Coconut oil a teaspoon a day orally or even a teaspoon of Bragg's vinegar with warm water,small like ya taking a shot.

  • Sorry to hear. Stress doesn't help especially if your diet is not as good as it can get. Not eating any processed food helps as it is difficult to be truly gluten or dairy free without. Also they do say that 2 months is required to really see a change. Good luck.

  • Dear efsb

    - I am so sorry for your bereavements. I think it sounds like stress would account for a lot.

    I am glad you can retire soon that should help too.

    Joining the IBS network may be helpful. Are you a member?

    Also have you thought of going to a group to help you deal with the sadness you are feeling CRUSE are very supportive. There may be a group in your area.

    If not then perhaps counselling or gut directed hypnotherapy would help you during this time, in different ways.

    Have you thought of asking your doctor for the counselling - if you felt it would be helpful.

    Just some ideas. I hope you have friends also that can support you at this time.

    Bless you and hope you can find things that help you.


  • Thank you - that's nice of you to offer the advice.

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