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IBS? Or something else?


I get stomachaches and sometimes diarrhea whenever I'm nervous since I was a kid. On other times, I get constipation. My doctor told me it might be IBS a few years ago.

But recently I get needle-poking and crampy pains on the upper right and left side of my abdomen, it's been worrying me. It happened since December, almost everyday for a few seconds. I get hungry often, because I have hyperthyroidism. So I kind of ignore the hunger a lot. My doctor diagnosed me with dyspepsia [indigestion?]. I think the pains improved after taking her medication, but it could be a placebo effect? I'm really scared since it's still happening. And I also get a light, thin strain of blood [bright red] on the toilet paper when I poop, since a week or two ago. [I saw another doctor separately, and asked to check for piles, that doctor diagnosed it as a lesion since my stools are hard]

My family doctor is advising me not to do any scope, or CT scans because it's bad for health. She said that I'm just 21, so most likely dyspepsia, and I just have to change my diet. [I didn't tell her about the blood, because it only happened after visit]

It's not easy to change my diet. I'm still constantly hungry, and still in pain. The doctor only told me not to worry, and gave 1 month of omeprazole, until March. But I'm panicking and getting frustrated a lot because of this. I can't even concentrate on my work well. Please help!

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Hi there,

You say that you were nervous as a kid, and this gave you some reaction. If you can feel less nervous, you could find your symptoms improve. Check this out as a starting point sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...

Hope this helps,


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