Hi! I have suffered with stomach problems for a while, I've had loads of tests which have come back as normal to think I have IBS! I struggle more with bloating and excess wind! Especially I the evening! I have tried windeze tablets, buscopan and loads more but nothing seems to help. I have also tried the FODMAP diet but still have problems 😩 Can anybody recommend anything?

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  • Have you tried going gluten free ?

  • Yes, it did help a little but find it hard to stick to. I'm constantly bloated! I can't remember the last time I wasn't bloated!

  • I've just discovered that, on top of being dairy intolerant and following a dairy free diet for the past 4 years, I may also be gluten intolerant

    If you want to feel better you have to bite the bullet and stick to what works for you

    I certainly don't want to be sitting on the toilet about 7 times a day and not wanting to go out

  • Lots of gluten free stuff out there I found bread made me bloated try again with going gluten free.

  • After 40+ years of colitis and IBS, I am now on month 5 of Symprove (probiotic) and for the first time am almost able to plan days ahead! It isn’t 100% cure but I’m hopeful things will get even better if I remain on it. I am careful of what I eat as I cannot seem to find a trigger food, sometimes it seems certain things do it then another time I tolerate them so nothing definitive. I do know that large meals are a no no! Good luck

  • Have you reviewed your stress levels? Do you exercise that helps me a lot with both stress and gas pain.

  • Hi yes, I exercise regularly and when I'm stressed it is noticeable worse but I'm just constantly bloated.

  • Please keep an eye on things. My wife had had tests for tummy problems which all came back "all clear" eventually she was referred to the hospital for a CT scan which showed that she had bowel cancer. Successful operation in January of this year and she has now been given the all clear.

    I am not trying to frighten anyone but 2 bowel cancer screenings showed nothing as well as several blood tests if it had not been for the fact that she had family history of bowel cancer she may not have been referred for a scan and then for a sigmoidoscopy which confirmed that the cancer had caused a thickening in the wall of the bowel making it very difficult to digest her food.


  • Also IBS symptoms can be mistaken for ovarian cancer symptoms - you can ask for ca125 blood test and scan? X

  • Hey I'm prescribed mebeverine which helps. Also now try to follow the FODMAP diet. My IBS is linked to anxiety/stress so some days it does not matter what I eat. Maybe keep a food diary to try and identify the culprit? X

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