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Heartburn and indigestion worsening during flare

I have alternating ibs and take 40mg omeprazole a day for gerd. Every few weeks heartburn and indigestion get excruciating to the point im doubled up in agony and nothing gets rid of it. Ive had a cold this past week which always agrivates my ibs and on friday i had a stabbing pain over my left breast that went into my armpit and shoulder it only lasted about 5 minutes. Then since yesterday I've had a stabhing pain under my breastbone which goes through to my back between my shoulder blades. I've taken my omeprazole but it hasn't done anything, I've also tried a snack which also did nothing and it's the same with gaviscon and rennies. It's making me a bit nauseous but always coinsides with needing a bowel movement which is mucosy but still doesn't aliviate it.

Does anyone else have this or any advice as it's driving me mad.

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Pain should always be checked out by a doctor to check there is no severe underlying problem.

Have you tried alleviating your symptoms by changing your diet rather than turning to drugs ? Drugs have side effects !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took omazeprole and it made me so poorly .......... horrid horrid horrid........... worse than the IBS

Now all my symptoms under control following the low FODMAP diet and........... NO DAIRY. Also careful consideration of soluble/insoluble fibre in my diet.

Ask your GP for a referral to a dietician to help you

Everyone is different . Dont give up, keep searching for an answer

The low FODMAP diet helps 75% of IBS sufferers. Worth a try.


Please see your GP about the stabbing pain, especially if medication isn't helping as it could be related to something other than your GERD.

I have recently started having probelms with bad acid reflux and was given Omprezole which like the other person who has replied, made me feel really ill (Including night terrors and hallucinations). My doctor changed me to Raniditine (This is the active ingredient in Zantac) which I took to help me initially. I then eliminated any trigger foods from my diet and two months on I am much better and managing my GERD symptoms and continuing to manage my IBSD through diet with only occasional need for medication.


I too experience similar pain plus I get a knotting feeling across my diaphragm


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