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Are these symptoms true internal rectal prolapse?

Are these symptoms true internal rectal prolapse?

Does anyone have these symptoms?

1. Years of constant piercing low back pain on waking after 5-6 hrs of sleeping L5/S1. Back pain disappears when up and mobile.

2. Anal pressure in rectum feeling a though it is a continuation of the low back pain after lying on back and bottom (hence worse on waking first thing)

3. Anal pressure when sitting which has become constant every day. As though there is an obstruction in the anal canal. (evacuation does not help the discomfort) Although there is some incomplete evacuation.

4. Low back pain and anal pressure first thing in the morning has brought on faecal urgency. Change of bowel habits due to the low back pain and anal pressure.

5. Sphincter muscle control weakening and some occasional faecal accidents.

Awaiting a modified ventral rectopexy surgery. However specialist is not confident that the surgery will help as I do not have full obstruction or constipation.

Any one with the above symptoms make contact.


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I have similar symptoms and have had a proctogram which has shown internal rectal prolapse.


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