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For the last week & a bit now (basically since I came back from a week away with no IBS symptoms whatsoever) I have had an upset stomach, mainly bloating, constipation & burning pain in my stomach plus cramps. But the worst thing is the constant fatigue I am feeling along with it. I feel exhausted, lightheaded & on occasion dizzy. Feel like I could just fall down! Does anyone else suffer this & what do you do to perk yourself up? Trying to cut back on coffee which is proving difficult because of this. 

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  • Honey

  • Hi. 

    I know this tiredness. I've had days where I just want to cry because I can't take another step. I've been using vitamins B12 and D mouth sprays from Holland & Barret (if you're U.K.). They give me a lot more energy. 

    Best wishes

  • I can identify with you - my IBS flare up is calming down a bit but I am drained of all energy I keep repeating that this too shall pass

  • Sounds so familiar. Try taking a multivitamin with iron. I found this really helps. I also swapped tea and coffee for peppermint tea, also no matter how tired you feel force yourself out for a walk, sounds silly but it makes a massive difference. 

  • Fatigue is a symptom I get very regularly with my IBS. I find getting to bed earlier (9:00 pm), drinking plenty of water, probiotics and zinc and iron supplements helpful. I also try to get as much fresh air as possible - windows open in work and at home, in the car and I try to go out for a walk once a day in work.

  • Thanks guys, really appreciate the tips 

  • I do feel tired with a flare up and find if I don't sleep extra iam worse off.

  • I have recently found that my fatigue is often anxiety and depression related, and that when I am feeling this way, my IBS symptoms are often worse. When I am feeling anxious my body tries to encourage me to sleep in a bid to avoid the anxiety. I wonder that now you're back to your usual routine, something has triggered some subconscious worry.

    That said, I don't experience the dizziness but I know when things get a little crazy at work and I start rushing things I do get quite light-headed and I've recently bought glucose/dextrose tablets to help cope with this as I think it's down to a sugar low because I've forgotten to snack.

  • I only got fatigue when I originally started with the ibs symptoms and I think that was due to losing weight and energy because of the ibs-d. Since I've been on the fodmap diet my fatigue is not that bad. Have you checked out the symptoms of fibromyalgia? 

  • No I haven't looked at fibromyalgia, might have a wee search into that too. 

  • Yes I also came back from a week in Spain and had a great week. I have been on the low FODMAP diet since September and find it easy enough in spain.

    Since I've been back it's been downhill all the way huge stomach last night, looked as if I,d been pumped up with a cycle pump!! See my post above. You are not biker

  • I'm the same no biker - massive swollen belly which is making me really uncomfortable. I'm trying to ride out the symptoms in the hope they regulate but it's hard. Going to try the low fodmap diet sometime soon I think. 

  • The low fodmap diet is not easy, and means a complete change in your eating habits. Friends and family really need to understand what you are doing because, as I'm sure everyone will agree, it is pretty life changing.

    Having said all that, it can be a life saver, and has helped countless thousands of people, me included. Find out about it on the Monyash university website and try to do this with a dietician. Good luck. 

    No biker

  • And exhausted doesn't come close!! No biker

  • Yoga exercises can also be amazingly helpful for the colonic pain. Lots of stretching and twisting and it really, really works. See if you can find anything on line re: Yoga for Low Back Pain, and persevere. 

    No Biker. X

  • Agree with comments below re get out for a walk.  I seem to constantly feel fatigued but I push myself to powerwalk and also cycle.  Getting up in the morning and powerwalking 6-7 miles to work isn't easy but it's better than sitting in a car.

    Best of luck

  • Your best bet is to get to the bottom of what is causing the IBS/fatigue. Parasite infections, Candida overgrowth, more thn 20 different other bugs can cause both IBS and fatigue. Even food intolerances and a leaky gut. 

    The proper testing rules out anything in your gut that shouldn't be ther and a guided elimination diet eliminates the foods that could cause your particular symptoms. So the things that shouldn't be going into your gut.

    Hope that helped 

  • I have recently seen a gastroenterologist about my stomach problems and I told him I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue some years ago.  He said IBS problems and fatigue are often linked which I didn't realise.  This kind of fatigue is hard to explain unless you've experienced it.  You must try not to to overdo it, pace yourself if not you will flatten your batteries and it's hard to charge them up again.  I am a pretty strong character but it completely knocked me out.  I couldn't think staight, could hardly walk and felt really strange for quite a long time.  I had been caring for my poor frail elderly Mum for many years alone whilst trying to work and run my own home and family.  In the end it nearly killed me.  I expect you will find it hard to rest if you have a job etc. but try not to run yourself into the ground and overdo it if not your body will just decide it's had enough and will not co-operate.  Stress is probably a factor that causes this fatigue even if you don't realise it at the time.

    It's not all gloom and doom, I did get better and my energy did come back but if I am ill sometimes it kicks in a bit but I know what it is now.  I've had IBS symptoms since January and I've suffered with the fatigue again but it's not as bad as it was some years ago. Take care and look after yourself, try and get as much rest as you can and plenty of sleep.  

  • I drink fermented kombucha everyday to combat my fatigue. Also adding in super greens and açai to your smoothies will boost your energy levels. Don't eat any refined sugars as the rush doesn't last and will cause a crash soon after. Ginger and chai tea are also very warming and energising to your body and fine to drink everyday. 

  • Hello. I have just joined this site and your question is the same as mine. I suffer from debilitating fatigue. I sleep so soundly but wake up exhausted with weakness and sometimes dizziness . I have been told I have IBS C and blood tests are normal. I take supplements but they don't seem to help. Doctor also found I have a rectocele with intersusseption and is sending me for biofeedback .. Anybody tried that?

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