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Im at work and im getting the most god awful stomach cramps because i very stupidly accepted a coffee which i never usually drink. Im now hiding in the loo because the pain is so bad iv took buscopan so im fingers crossed it will settle down asap. Its only a small office with 3 of us so its very difficult to just disappear for ten mins I bloody hate ibs

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  • Hi there,

    I can only sympathize with you. I have done that so often in the past. We're only human, let's face it. And we want to be able to have a coffee like everyone else. It's a social thing.

    Hope you are feeling better,


  • Thankyou xx

  • Hi can you take a couple of peracetamols too and also let people at work see what the coffee has done to you.

    I cant drink coffee either; can you get decaffe-Necaffe and cartnoir are realy good ones; also you can get proper filter decaffe at some supermarkets.

    Hope you are soon much better

  • Thankyou for answering i feel much better today and should know better by now. I swear the girls at work think im a hypochondriac if its not my belly its my back #sigh#

  • Hi glad you are feeling better BUT the belly and back are related to IBS has are a thoughsand other symptoms; it takes all the best from your body and leaves you vulnerable.

    Aurtheritis has a link with it too.

    I feel for you with the coffee and have you noticed a problem with other things containing caffiene-I always feel like death is imminant are the sky is going to cave-in.

    Stuff what the girls think; they are not in you body !

    All The Best

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