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Morning diorreha - commuting & how do you leave for work?!

Hello! I've had IBS for years now which is mostly triggered through stress. I managed to get myself regular to go once in the morning. Even though it was sloppy/diorreha I knew i would be ok for the commute to work.

Some days, which is lot lately, I find myself in lots of pain and going at least 4 times in the space of an hour. I usually make myself get up 2 or 3 hours before my commute just because i dont know if I'll be going lots or once and need to be empty for the underground where i know there are no loos. Its so much more stressful and gets me so down! I get jealous of all the other commuters who are fine and im sat there internally freaking out that i might have an accident...which has happened once :( then I'm super tired for work. It makes me want to give in all together but i obviously cant. It's really getting me down. I guess I'm posting here to get advice or see if anyone else has had issues similar.

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My IBS is not the type to give me accidents but I do know how you feel about getting ready for the morning commute. I try to go to the loo several times to make sure I'm ready for the day and it makes me a little late like today for example where my tummy was a little upset and I kept having to go! I usually spend my time on the tube feeling nauseous or cramping which isn't the best start to the day! It is frustrating with how easy it is for other people to leave the house with no worries...I just hope that things get better for you soon and just know that you're not alone on your commute - there are others like you struggling too! :)


Do you drink coffee in the mornings?


Is IBS caused by stress????????

Well, in my experience its the IBS that causes the stress !!!!!!!!!

So start by getting yourself tested for Gluten Intolerance by the doctor.

Have you tried going Lactose free? That's really easy and can make a lot of difference.

try the Low FODMAP diet : it is scientifically proven to help 75% of IBS sufferers. Check out the low FODMAP blog at Monash University website . Also A Little Bit Yummy blog.

What do you eat ????



I have a similar problem as I am usually worst in the morning. Luckily I don't have to go on the underground to work. I guess you are in London? There is a map of loos on TFL either in the underground or just outside the barriers. It can help to know you can get off and get to one quite quickly if you needed to as the stops aren't usually far apart.

Otherwise getting up early as you do and try Imodium ?

Good luck.


Also when on the underground try reading anxiety and mindfulness help books/ pages to try to concentrate on keeping you calm as it's really the worry that is making you want to go if you have already 'been' at home earlier . I find those soothing when in a difficult situation .


Imodium some days in order to leave the house x

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The first question to ask is when did it start and can you associate it with any change in food? A good digestive system would require you to empty your bowels, may be, three times a day. If it was me especially as you have pain, after about a week to ten days I'd seek some professional advice as it would be strange for stress to cause this problem. If you can find a homeopathic doctor (note I say doctor not a homeopath) that would be ideal because they will usually look at every aspect of your life before jumping to any conclusion or handing out a prescription. GPs either don't seem to have the time or they jump to an early conclusion in order to pass you on to a specialist for whom you'll have to wait, wait and wait. It would be worth driving even 25 miles if you can get to see the right person. Look on the Internet or Yellow pages.

I wish you well as it sounds very unpleasant. Tibbly


So know how you feel, I've been like that on and off for years. I would recommend Imodium. It's a life saver. I've had terrible accidents in shops and my car, and also at work. It is so tiring and debilitating. I understand completely. I'm luckily retired now but volunteer in a charity shop. I've taken Imodium today, just I can get there and do my afternoon shift, hopefully.


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