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Ibs and wedding stress

Hi all

I am new here. I am just at my wits end with this. I have had ibs since i was 16 it comes in all forms. Mostly pain, sometimes constipation and rarely the runs. I have had various differ medication from docs, had a colonoscopy and been under the care of the ibs ward at our local hospital but in the end they just said it's something to learn to live with.

I have found coping strategies. I don't eat wheat and minimtal dairy. I get pain most days but the worst is trapped wind at night. At least a few times a month. I was awake from 1-6 last night. Tried hot water bottles, stretches, massages, walking around and nothing. The pain is just unbearable then the next day when the pains gone I am exhausted so can't concentrate at work

The latest pain I know is from wedding stress and my meals have been spot on and I'm keeping a food diary. This evening the pain is back and my tummy is huge.

Does anyone else have any tips. 😔😔

Thanks. Faye

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Aww. Sorry to hear this Faye. Not the sort of thing you want when planning a wedding. Have you tried FODMAPS? I found a lot of fruit and veggies were triggers for me.


No I really want to went to docs a few months ago and asked as I thought you need to do it under a gp etc and he said I've never heard of that and recommended buscapan which made me want to cry thinking I was back at stage one again.

Is fod mapping something you can do one your own. It's interesting you said about fruit and veg eg as I eat a lot of it.



Hello Faye,

Sounds like your wedding dress is loaded with lots of worries and emotions swirling around. Don't worry, this is totally normal - and you will probably feel a whole lot better the week after the wedding. Everything will be fine.

In the meantime you need to try and relax a bit. Easier said than done, I know! This post may help you with that: sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...

Have a great day,



Try jasmine tea it is helping me , I put honey in mine


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