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How do you manage to lead a normal life?

Sounds an odd question but I don't know how people can lead a normal work and social life?

On my previous post I said that it really effected my work life and my work mates started making comments ( mainly down to them not knowing ) but On the bad spells I'm disappearing off the shop floor at least 4 times per shift for about 15+ minutes at a time, making me absolutely exhausted and really struggling to carry on with my job.

Pretty much the same with my social life and day to day living.. Even a simple thing like gong food shopping is risky. I can't just go out to eat with friends or family with out making sure I have access to a toilet first.

Normally after every episode I'm exhausted to the point that I do need to sleep.

So how do people manage during the bad/worse times?

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Once you know what you have got then that is half the battle as you will not feel so anxious and you will learn how to cope.

Read your other post so have you been back to the Doctors yet?

I particularly zoomed in on the bit about feeling boiling whilst having goose bumps been there. Its your life so make a nuisance of yourself at the doctors until you get the tests that will eliminate other bowel conditions also if you are female check if your symptoms are worse round the time of your periods.

Good Luck and hope to hear from you soon


Thank you. I have the doctors on Wednesday. I know stress and anxiety cause it to flare up allot. But it really does effect my life


I think it's safe to say that most of us don't lead normal lives. I for one have to put on a 'happy face' most of the time when inside I feel terrible. It's all a case of managing things as best you can by a combination of diet, medication and trying to de-stress . Which isn't easy as its a vicious circle. I would certainly recommend getting tests from a gastroenterologist to ensure nothing more sinister is going on.

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I've only just found out I have ibs -m

I would often go to work which was 45 minutes drive on a motorway and be in aright state when I got to work I would then get worse and worse throughout the day until I'd go home early. My manager was not supportive but I thought it was a stomach bug. Going to the loo was hard as I had to make sure enough stuff available and then toilet was in a block with small children toilets not very private. Now I know I'm unsure what to do I've changed jobs but I feel ill everyday. I have recorded a food diary but everyday I'm different. Going out with friends and socialising is not something I do often and shopping is hell.my normal life is over. I've tried no gluten and taking herbal supplements ts and don't feel any different. My doctor prescribed me mebeverine . But again no difference. My sick days added up and I know my new employer wasn't impressed with this. Not sure what to do next. Sorry not been much help just saying I sympathise but don't have any answers as in same boat


Thank you so much for your message and I am so sorry it's been such a crap time for you! I under stand completely about managers not being supportive.. My manager knows what's wrong as they have been my friend for over 12 years now, but they are still very un supportive and do not understand that when it's bad I have to go home ( I'd always be made to stay )

I have looked up if ibs is a reason not to work and if it's seen as a disability - it isn't as of yet but if you can prove that it has effected your life majorly in the last 12 months you can try and apply for help - I only looked this up as my mum suggested me trying as she knows how bad it gets


Have you tried your own intolerance tests to see if it is one particular food group that is affecting you

Dairy is the most common food group causing diahorrea

Try leaving it out of your diet for at least 2/3 weeks keeping a food and symptom diary to see what changes there might be

Use Alpro products and a dairy free spread

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Thanks I've tried all that and the only food that I can pin point was white bread.


That's a start. Can you eat other wheat products? Or is there another ingredient in your bread that could be causing the upset? Does it make a difference switching brands) baking at home?


I'm fine with out wheat products, and I find using the cheaper own brands is worse than using brands like Hovis. But it does still effect me


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