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Warm sensations right side

I've begun having sensations of warmness under the lower ribcage on my right side. It comes and goes and only lasts for 10-20 seconds at a time. I can have them 15-30 minutes apart or go hours without any. Sometimes it seems to radiate under the right shoulder pain. There isn't pain associated with them, just this feeling of a warmness coming over a small area of 3-6 inches in across. These just started a two days ago. I do have GERD for which I take 3-600mg of Ranitidine Hydrochloride, and 40mg Omeprazole twice a day for GERD. I have chronic pain and chronic migraines that have put me onto SSDI. I have deteriorating discs (all of the lumbar) and have had 2 cervical discs extractions. This warm sensation while localized feels somewhat like what happens when you get an MRI with contrast. So far there's no pain associated with it. Has anyone else experienced something like this. I'm also a male of 60 yrs of age.


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