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2 year old vomiting and diarrhea

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hi everyone I am just trying to get some answers my 2 year old has been poorly since Friday 31st of December he keeps being sick only at night he has had no fever but has had diarrhea since yesterday

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A call to your GP would be the best thing, especially for one so young as they easily become dehydrated.

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lealoe in reply to bantam12

ibcalled the GP and all she said was because its not been 7days leave it till Friday and call then back

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He's only 2 - he needs to be seen by someone

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crazyfitness in reply to lealoe

I honestly cannot believe what your doctor said - really, poor little lad being poorly all that time! Sounds from what you have said below that things are getting better now but still can't believe the reaction of the doctor!

Hope this doesn't happen again.

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Saleya in reply to lealoe

Get a new GP!

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lealoe in reply to bantam12

i called them initially to see if he would be ok to go nursery as he is ok in the day its just at night.

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He's only 2 - he needs to be seen by someone

It's more than likely a virus. Keep offering fluids. They also sell a probiotic for kids. For peace of mind you could take him to his doctor or call for advice.

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lealoe in reply to JoMarie5

thanks jomarie I have been giving him diahoralyght

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JoMarie5 in reply to lealoe

No problem . I know how it is . He may sleep more than usual but it's OK just let him when he wakes up offer him a small sips and crackers and jello. If you need me I'll check back in frequently . I hope he gets better soon .

No milk before sleep,check for sensitivity

Put something like wedge under head of mattress

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Take him to the doctor and 'camp' there until you see someone - he'll be dehydrated now

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Hi thats a long time for an infant to be poorley please see a clinitian ASAP

I everyone I took him to a out of hours gp and they have said with him having a bug his reflux has reoccurred but he can't have Gaviscon as he has diarrhea he seems ok this morning he is in at the GP at 4pm so will post again let everyone know. Thank you all for tour help and concern

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Just a thought for you: Any red cheeks in sight? I had the same with my daughter when she was 2-3, and at the moment with her 11 year-old teeth coming through. For her it is teething. Some children create a lot of saliva when they are teething. When swallowed, this upsets the acidity level in the stomach, and the child vomits to get rid of the excess. Or it can create diarrhea (but not necessarily). I am using a homeopathic treatment of kreosotum 5 ch, 3 granules 3 times a day, which helps reduce saliva production. Nux vomica can also help with nausea. As she is young you should check this dosage out with a homepathic specialist or your pharmacist.

In France they sell a liquid product called Chamilia for young children teething, which contains Chamomilla Vulgaris 5ch, Phytolacca decandra 5ch and Rheum 5ch. Your pharmacist may sell something similar.

Salt also helps mop up the saliva - but can be bad for you otherwise. With my 11 year old I find giving salty foods helps ease nausea, particularly salt and vinegar crisps (which I see pregnant women find helpful for the same reasons!) I prefer to give her the crisps rather than have vomit everything she eats. I'm not suggesting you use this for your 2 yearold, but I'm including the info for any other people/parents with older children having the same issue.

Oh, and research has confirmed that there is absolutely no link between teething and vomiting...and your doctor will look at you as if you are mad if you suggest that:)

Hope this helps,


Take him to the doctor explain his symptons ,

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