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Tummy pain

I have ibs, today i have a bad pain on and off down my left side, it feels like a big bubble right down low in my tummy where the crease is in your leg and it also moves up to just under my ribs ( left side) that feels more like a painful stitch. I also feel like i need a bowel movement but nothing happens more gas than anything. My mum suffers the same thing and said she takes buscopan to relieve it. Does anyone have any other suggestions as i have had 4 buscopan since 11am and not feeling much better. Thanks

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I suffer with colitis and when I enquired at the chemist I was told buscopan was more for stomach cramps and to take something else as that gets rid of gas and air it is called colpermin IBS relief capsules. Which is mainly peppermint oil. Has certainly helped my bloating and getting rid of my gas and air. Hopes this helps. Best of luck.

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I also take Buscupan but sometimes have a hot water bottle as well - that does tend to help me a fair bit. Unfortunately Colpermin doesn't work for me but you will see on this Forum what works for one doesn't always work for the other - unfortunately it's trial and error.

Best of luck


Hi I take mebeverine are spasmonal and a hot water bottle and walking helps get rid of my wind

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I buy Windsettlers from Asda £3.50 for 24 I think that's the price and how many.

They work by grouping all those little pain gathering bubbles together into one large bubble of gas and hey presto it will disperse out one end or the other and it will ease that "Sitting on your tiptoes with cold clammy sweats and holding your breath until that spasm passes...........Horrendous pains/Cramps/Spasms!!!!!!!!

I've always said until I actually began with IBS and the "Trapped Wind", that very often accompanies it, that having wind was nothing, OMG, soon learnt just how wrong I was on that one............Huge caring hugs to everyone going through those horrendous cramps/spasms of IBS & the accompanying "Trapped Wind", xxxxx


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