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Acne and Yoghurt?

I am nearly 60 and have been plagued with acne for the last few months. Despite the doctor trying different lotions and potions nothing seems to help. Originally it was only on the forehead, upper lip and chin but now its spreading to my cheeks, neck and body. My husband said to me tonight that he had acne years ago and that stopping eating yogurt cleared it up. I do eat a lot of yoghurt with nuts, seeds and fruit in the morning because I am gluten free and its my alternative to toast or cereal. What do you think?

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Yep knock off the nuts and seeds etc for a while-has GP checked for pollysytic ovaries ?

acne at 60 is strange

best Wishes


Yes your husband is right. I did the same as you and started having yoghurt with fruit & nuts for breakfast and my skin started breaking out with lots of spots. The only thing that had changed was what I was having for breakfast, so I stopped having the yoghurt,nuts etc and my skin cleared up within a week to 10 days. Its a shame as it was a really tasty breakfast too. Give it a try x


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