Hi I had a colonscopy a less than 2 weekdays ago without sedation was extremely painful so I had the gas and air which helped a bit ..I've been having a few twinges ever since one main thing I noticed is a mild pain twinge on my left hand side under my left rib .. does anyone know if this is normal after nearly two weeks or is it something to worry about ..I was ok before the procedure

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  • I have had a few scopes without sedation so I sympathise with you.

    Have your results come back yet?

    You could have a bit of a flare up of IBS/D

    But you should go back to GP anyway

    All The Best

  • Thank you very much for your feedback I'll definitely see my GP x

  • No my results I'm told can take up to 4 weeks !as it's the Christmas period

  • It could be that some of the gas they fill you up with, has got trapped in that area as the colon has a kink around that area but I think you should visit the GP or ring the consultants secretary just to see what they think and potentially rule out something more concerning. Good luck. X

  • Thank you so much for your reply ..I will make an appointment for the GP. Feels a bit like trapped air it kind of comes and goes x

  • Sorry to being a pain just wanted to ask if there might be a possibility that they may have bruised/ irritated my liver or kidney as the discomfort is coming from the left hand side left back and front just under the ribcage ? Just a bit concerned as it's been a while now since my colonscopy x

  • Did you see gp? Hope your. Better

  • Hi thanks you for asking I was in a bit of discomfort and pain so I went to the GP and she said I had a kidney infection..could be related to the procedure. I was ok before the colonscopy but since then I suffer kidney infection and constipation x

  • Had my bowel perforated by a scope years ago. Almost died of peritonitis. I don't trust any scope in my body now. Read that more people die from colonoscopy in a year than people who died of colon cancer. I have had 3 bowel resections since and my digestive system has never worked right, not to mention cramps and pain. They try to say it is IBS, but I know it is not. It is scar tissue from the removal of part of my bowel. Sorry I have nothing good to say about colonoscopies.

  • Hi thanks for sharing your experience..sorry to hear that you been through so much ..sounds awful .I regret going through this procedure now I wish I didn't do it now ..I've had nothing but aches and pains since kidneys got infected I'm almost finished my antibiotics and am not much better. I have pains all over.i don't know what to do about it ....why did you have part of your bowel removed ? can you suggest anything that I can do about my condition ?

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