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I turned 60 and got ibs. After having dibilitating migraines for 4 years, i changed medications it led to contipation, gerd and finally ibs. At first I had no idea what was happening to me, but thanks to the internet, I kept finding info that descrIbed what I was experiencing. After all the tests to roll out serious ailments, I will be seeing gi dr in 2 weeks but after 3 months of researching ibs. I am pretty sure that is what I have. With diet mindfullness, i can have more okay days, than bad days so I am glad about that. Learning about insoluble fiber versus soluble has been so helpful.

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  • Hi there

    Sounds like you have got to a place of understanding's very important to do so .......then you can take control and manage things

    Not,perfect but the only path to feeling the best you can under the circumstances


  • I am 72, have suffered with colitis and IBS all my adult life. I have always believed it started when I contracted infectious hepatitis as an 18 year old. Over the years I have tried everything, have taken codeine phosphate to control the diarrhoea but life has still been very very difficult. 3 months ago I was referred to yet another Consultant because my bloods were showing abnormalities and he suggested I take a 12 week course of Symprove a probiotic that his old professor had had some kind of input into it’s discovery. I have taken it for 10 weeks now and for the first 6 weeks noticed no change but for the past 4 weeks I haven’t had a bout of diarrhoea - something unheard of in my life! I see the Consultant again shortly with a view to going onto a maintenance level of Symprove. I’m almost scared to write this in case I jinx myself!

  • Did you have yourself tested for Lyme disease ?

    That would give you migraines.

    Eventually it damages the nerves in the spine and that makes it difficult for the bowels to relax and causes constipation and other problems. The symptoms are the same as in MS although the cause in that illness is damage to the nerves from the persons own immune system.

    Have you had other Lyme disease symptoms ? aching joints, stiff neck, blurry vision, general aches, poor sleep, erectile disfunction, .... they are all Lyme disease.

    If in doubt try taking Doxycycline for a couple of weeks. If you have Lyme disease that should make you a lot better.

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