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Doubting my IBS is food related (or not much) - what do you think?

I've been recently diagnosed IBS C. I've spent these last few months racking my brains to try to establish if anything I'm doing (or not doing) is contributing to my symptoms. I should say that I have an anxiety disorder and have experienced a great deal of emotional stress over the last year which I believe is what has triggered everything off.

A major component when you read about IBS is food. The thing is, I cannot work out if anything is contributing. I do not get cramps very often, and certainly not within a predictable timeframe after eating. I just feel mild discomfort all the time. Sometimes I bloat, which gives me mild pain, but I've had painful bloating even before all my IBS symptoms started. The ONLY time I get bad pain that can last for hours is after I have had a BM. So it seems like it is a mechanical (for want of a better word) issue. I have been constipated for as long as I can remember. Even when I am managing to go daily, I still feel full up because I'm always on catchup mode (because I've still been eating during a bad bout of constipation so I've always got a lot of stuff to clear, if that makes sense).

Food - I think processed stuff and milky things always make me feel a bit sick and occasionally bloat me but they never really give me pain as such - only mild from gas but not cramps like I get after a BM.

Does this seem to make sense? I would love your thoughts please as I am desperately trying to make sense of this. Thank you.

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Sorry I can't really give you any help but your symptoms are very similar to mine, I suffer all day mild pain in my lower abdomen and bloating and have very slight constipation,I have a fairly normal BM every other day but after a bowel movement my pain is a bit worse. I can't find any type of food that makes it worse (or better) and I also suffer from anxiety which I'm sure makes it worse IBS = Anxiety = IBS


Sorry to hear this .......my IBS finally appeared last year as,a culmination of many years of stress from work and personal life.

I find that strict FODMAP can just about handle the pain and bloating and BM.....but even mild anxiety and stress at moment. Is translated into aches and pain in my body within minutes.....

This is where the real work has to be ......managing anxiety and even mild stress .......without handling it the IBS will,always have the upper hand

I'm working in plenty of excercise and relaxation techniques plus finally leaving the job next year to try to do less stressful stuff

IBS is a double whammy and we can't beat it without winning in mind and body solutions I think !!



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