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I am only 34 years old and have suffered terribly for many years. If I was out for the day I was unable to eat as I could only do so if I was in the immediate vicinity of a bathroom. I had all the tests and was told I had IBS. I am under the care of a specialist and was put on medication that didn't help. I told my specialist I had my gall bladder out and that my problems really started there but this was ignored.

My father saw a TV segment on Bile Acid Malabsorption and told me about it as it fit my symptom and as the BMA say up to 1 in 3 diagnosed with IBS are believed to have had it.

I looked it up and spoke to my doctor about it. I was put on Colestyramine sachets and I no longer have any problems at all. I take a couple of powder sachets in 150ml of orange juice in the morning and can now pretty much eat what I want, when I want.

I would recommend everyone look it up as it has massively improved my lifestyle.

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Thank you, I was diagnosed about 40 years ago but will look into that.

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Hi,Like you I was diagnosed 12yrs ago that I had "IBS" my problems began like you when I had my Gall bladder out,. I mentioned this to my Gastroenterologist,and he prescribed Qestran,but I found it didn't suit me,so thinking that was my only option,I gave up.

But I will go and have a chat with my GP,about giving Colestyramine a try,or is it the same thing.?


It's the same thing sorry but there is another option i believe called colestipol


Yes I know,it's one of them times you post,then realise what you've done. But I will look into other options.


Does this just apply if you ve had your gall bladder removed only I suffer from constantly running to the loo, having very loose stools etc. I do suffer from anxiety etc. Thank you.


I don't know too much about it but no gall bladder removal is just one of the reasons.


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