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Devastating ibs after stomache bug

Eighteen months ago I caught a severe stomache bug and three weeks later my ibs symptoms started. The bloating and stomache cramps were terrible but then six months later I couldn't open my bowels at all. I tried everything, all the new drugs prucalopride, linaclotide none of them worked for long. Then I started using an enema,peristeen, which worked for about two weeks then this stopped working also in the end I had an illeostomy but I am still suffering terrible cramps and pains. This week I had I celiac plexus block injection in my spine to try and help with the pain but so far have not noticed any improvement. If this doesn't work then my pain consultant has suggested spinal chord stimulation. I have tried all the usual ibs remedies from tablets, diet, hypnosis, acupuncture you name it and I have tried it. All this started just after my sixtieth birthday and although I have been lucky to have got to this age and not suffered with irritable bowel before, the change to my life now is just devastating. I would like to know if there is anybody out there who has had the same journey as me and come out the other end


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The minute i seen the words cramps and pain I knew what you were going through. I suffer from extremely painful cramps when my ibs kicks in, so I take Buscopan for cramps. It works by easing the cramps and and alleviating the pain caused by them. Once the pain is dealt with I feel like I can deal with the rest. As for your other problems I can only suggest a very old remedy that my grandmother passed down to us, I cup of hot water from the kettle every morning, before anything else, then make sure you take plenty of liquids not fizzy juice, that makes things worse, but water based still juices or just plain water. It should ehlp to flush your system and let you start again on a good diet with plenty of fibre in it to help your bowels to work regularly and if all else fails try taking a spoonful of "liquid paraffin". I know it sounds daft, but it is a remedy and your chemist should be able to get it for you. I was born with lazy bowels and I had to take this every blinkin day and I hated it, but it worked. Good luck.

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Have you tried magnesium eg Natural Calm, vitamin c and lots of water and probiotics? These can all help move things along.

Also have you tried a gluten and dairy free diet?


Have you tried a more holistic approach like natural remedies, maybe changing your diet slightly and making a food diary. You could try some good probiotics to help build up the good bacteria in your gut and maybe Senekot to help with constipation. Take it before you got to bed with plenty of water. I empathise with you as this whole thing is really just trial and error. Good luck and try to stay positive.


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