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Problems with "safe" cereals on low FODMAP diet

Hi! I've been following the low FODMAP diet strictly and found it really helps. However, I still experience problems (bloating and severe cramps) after eating corn, oats, buckwheat and gluten free pasta (corn and rice based), which are low FODMAP cereals. Does anyone else have any experience with this or know why this could be? Thanks!!

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I personally find buckwheat a problem and I found out from my dietician that, at high enough doses, oats can contain problematic amounts of FODMAPs.

When you say corn cereals, do you mean as in breakfast cereals or sweetcorn/corn on the cob? Corn in breakfast cereals has the outer skin of the corn removed, but obviously isn't the case for the vegetable. I don't think the outer skin is digestable (or as digestable) as the rest of the kernel, so maybe that's causing problems. I suspect that part is also present in the cornflour that makes the pasta, but I'm not certain.


As sweet corn is definitely a no no on Fodmaps I should cut out that particular Cereal. Are you using soya based products including desserts and milk? I found they are terrible for wind and bloating.

Try using oat milk or almond or coconut milk instead, you can also get coconut yogurts


Always cook oats well

Try rice congee


Alcohol or gripe water for wind


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